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Email_AdsWelcome! Are you ready run Email Ads?

Do you have an online product or service in the following areas?

* Personal Development / Self-Help
* Health / Natural Health
* Business Opt / Internet Marketing

If you answered YES you’re in the right place!  But hold on…

I’m very selective with the people, companies, and offers I work with on email ads. If you have a spammy or scammy offer to promote please don’t contact me. Assuming you’re legit here are 3 questions you must answer YES to before filling out the contact form below:

1) Do you have a landing page for your offer ready to go?
2) Do you have email creative/ad copy ready to go for your offer?
3) Do you have at least $1000-$2000 for your email promotions?

Did you answer YES to all 3 questions? Great! Now let’s talk…

I, Motivational Joe (DePalma) have been one of the leading names in dedicated
email marketing since 2003 working primarily for the mega site
I have successfully set up thousands of email blasts for nearly every credible expert or company both big and small in the personal development and health arena. I’m possibly the longest running individual setting up email advertisements anywhere in the world. There you have it.  Now I want to learn about YOU.

Please fill out the contact form below. Also include a link to your offer’s
landing page and your phone number or Skype ID in the message section.
I look forward to working with you soon on your Email Ads!

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