51 Enlightening Quotes For Defying Chaos

Enlightening Quotes: All of us will deal with turmoil, disarray, and chaos in our lives from time to time. However, those times don’t need to become a new way of life. That’s why it’s important for all of us to pick a few enlightening quotes so we can use them to cut through the loudness of life and regain perspective and focus.

These are my own original enlightening quotes and they can help us get back to a place of balance and clarity when life gets too complicated. We must all remember that our calmness, focus, and direction are our own responsibility no matter how crazy things get. Because if we do nothing about it we’ll fall way off course and end up very far away from what we really want in life. That’s what these enlightening quotes can help prevent. So pick your favorite from this list of enlightening quotes and check out the further instructions below.

Current Number Of Enlightening Quotes: 51

#51: “ATTENTION. If people want to see a better world;
they first need to be a better person themselves, dammit.”
– Motivational Joe

#50: “Drama is OPTIONAL. So many people believe it’s mandatory, but it’s not.
Things are never as bad as they seem once the drama is removed. Kill the drama
and most of the problem dies along with it.”
– Motivational Joe

#49: “Let’s all start lightening the LOAD in life, because we all carry a heavy bag
filled with the good we didn’t do.”
– Motivational Joe

#48: “If anyone wants quick results in life, it’s easy.
Be BRAVE first. It’s the fastest way to anything good.”
– Motivational Joe

#47: “No one should waste their life thinking about bullshit.
If we wouldn’t want others to see our THOUGHTS; they aren’t worth thinking.”
– Motivational Joe

#46: “If people get DIZZY sometimes that’s okay. Just as long as
it’s because they’ve spent time looking up into the light.”
– Motivational Joe

#45: “The SADDEST part about success and happiness is that it’s really
one big buffet, yet so many people go hungry.”
– Motivational Joe

#44: “If certain people want to be SOMEBODY that’s great;
but to get there they’ll need to be a whole lot more specific.”
– Motivational Joe

#43: “Winners understand that the only MINUTE that ever really matters is this minute, all the rest of them mean very little in comparison.”
– Motivational Joe

#42: “The ULTIMATE four word secret to an Awesome life is:
Always Make New Mistakes.”
– Motivational Joe

(ps. zen monks have shit figured out)
1. Keep life simple.
2. Practice being satisfied.
3. Beware of indecision.
4. Practice cheerfulness.
5. Learn to like people.
6. Live and let live.
7. Use adversity.
8. Don’t take yourself so seriously.
9. Have a sense of humor.
10. Practice objectivity.
11. Tolerate your own mistakes.
12. Forgive yourself.”
– Motivational Joe

#40: “If the flowers aren’t as beautiful anymore it’s not the flowers fault.
They haven’t changed a BIT. It’s more likely the person looking at them has.”
– Motivational Joe

#39: “Imagine how great the world would be if we all started thinking and
acting spontaneously without FEAR from past experiences screwing it up.”
– Motivational Joe

#38: “The world has to many judgmental assholes. But it’s not just people
judging others, it’s also people judging THEMSELVES. It all needs to stop.
It’s a complete waste of time, life, and energy.”
– Motivational Joe

#37: “So many people are lost, brokenhearted, or disillusioned. They must get themselves into nature immediately. Nature breeds HARMONY. Nature will heal them. Nature is where we’re all originally from and they need to go home for a bit.”

#36: “Smart people who attempt to answer every question are quite dumb.
REAL intelligence means knowing which questions to let slide by.”
– Motivational Joe

#35: “Too many people are CHRONIC screw-ups. The formula for screwing-up and learning from it needs to be: For every 1 screw-up you learn from yourself; learn 10 from others.”
– Motivational Joe

#34: “Make a decision and do something about it POWERFULLY.
Nobody ever becomes anything worthwhile by chance.”
– Motivational Joe

#33: “Only stupid people carry GRUDGES. The wisest person who ever
lived was also the all-time leader in forgiveness granted.”
– Motivational Joe

#32: “No one stands up at a funeral and says; ‘He had a really nice watch and a pristine set of golf clubs.’ That’s because life is about seeking contentment. Not STUFF.”
– Motivational Joe

#31: “If human beings owe anything at all to the universe for giving us life;
it’s most certainly TRUTH. Yet most people seem to have a real problem with it.”
– Motivational Joe

#30: “Stop running around SEARCHING for inner peace. A single inner journey is more important than an 100 outer journeys.”
– Motivational Joe

#29: “Too many people collect autographs from others. Instead I say collect WISDOM and self-confidence so eventually other people will want your autograph.”
– Motivational Joe

#28: “Never limit a vision. Our ideas are not .99 cent pet goldfish meant to be kept in small bowls; they’re meant to be amazing and allowed to roam free and WIDE.”
– Motivational Joe

#27: “Sometimes being surrounded by people, even if they’re friends, is a pain in ass. Instead work on being your own friend; that way you’ll NEVER be alone.”
– Motivational Joe

#26: “Doing the ‘same old same old stuff’ doesn’t exist. We’re either progressing
or regressing in every moment. We just to be HONEST with ourselves about it.”
– Motivational Joe

#25: “When people miss opportunities in life based solely on their own personality
it’s the most shameful defeat they can never experience; because they missed out
on something really good all due to their own BULLSHIT.”
– Motivational Joe

#24: “Never loaf around in life. When people DON’T take action to define themselves
others will step up and do it for them; and they’ll probably be assholes about it.”
– Motivational Joe

#23: “Most everyone wants SATISFACTION in life. Yet instead of looking for it in themselves they run out to the convenience store; but it ain’t there.”
– Motivational Joe

#22: “One of the BIGGEST differences between winners and losers is winners realize
that most of their failures in life are their own fault. Losers on the other hand point fingers elsewhere for their failures; and that’s why they’re losers.”
– Motivational Joe

#21: “A key way for people to know that they are on the right path in life is
when they lose interest in CONFLICT – both attacking and defending.”
– Motivational Joe

#20: “People need to SHUT-UP already. They need to let others speak and don’t interrupt. Nobody learns anything with their mouth running. That’s probably a big reason why humanity is getting progressively more stupid every day.”
– Motivational Joe

#19: “In the world we hear a lot about spreading disease, and spreading fear, and spreading rumors; but we don’t hear much about spread APPRECIATION. And that’s far more important.”
– Motivational Joe

#18: “Always remember attachment is bad and ‘connectedness’ is GOOD.
When we feel a ‘connectedness’ with others as well as nature we know
we’re doing something right. When we feel an attachment to something
and desperately cling to it we know we’re doing something wrong.”
– Motivational Joe

#17: “There’s way to many CONTROL freaks out there. They need to realize
the best results often occur when they release and let things happen,
not when they push or pull hoping to force things into place.”
– Motivational Joe

#16: “No one has any bruises, wounds, or scars.
What they have instead is future WISDOM.”
– Motivational Joe

#15: “Having CONVICTION is the most important first step to any goal.
In the end doubt kills action; and action kills doubt. People only start
winning when they kill the right one.”
– Motivational Joe

#14: “Don’t just FACE your fear, beat the shit out of it until it gives
you the answers you seek.”
– Motivational Joe

#13: “Never leave your future in someone else’s hands
just because you love them. LOVE your future more.”
– Motivational Joe

#12: “The only way to make things not so DIFFICULT is by doing difficult
things often so the future difficult things are not so difficult.”
– Motivational Joe

#11: “Losers live and die on every reward or disappointment
while winners simply manage their RESULTS and continue forward.”
– Motivational Joe

#10: “Nobody’s perfect; and the single worst FAULT a person can have
is the fault of thinking they have no faults. Sadly, in today’s world to
many people have that exact fault.”
– Motivational Joe

#9: “Harvard’s a great school, but we all get a better education from ADVERSITY;
and adversity is free.”
– Motivational Joe

#8: “MISFORTUNE seems shitty at the time; but it’s really a people sharpener.
Every misfortune a person has endured has made them a sharper person.”
– Motivational Joe

#7: “Water is the most power entity on the planet simply because it adapts to anything. That’s why people need to be more like water. People need to be more ADAPTABLE.”
– Motivational Joe

#6: “Don’t be afraid to fail. Failing is our FRIEND. Failing is a necessity.
It’s how we all learn what not to do again.”
– Motivational Joe

#5: “Just because someone asks a lot of questions doesn’t mean they’re not SMART.
Asking questions is actually how we get smart. It’s always the person who asks the
most questions who gets the most answers.”
– Motivational Joe

#4: “There’s no such thing as a WASTED experience. What we learned from it may
not come into play for many years; but we’ll be damn happy when it does.”
– Motivational Joe

#3: “It’s funny how some people think great ideas just come out of thin AIR.
When in reality seemingly quick and profound insights follow years of long labored nights.”
– Motivational Joe

#2: “Satisfaction is the toy within the cereal box of MASSIVE effort.”
– Motivational Joe

#1: “It’s a funny twist but worrying is really the absolute last
thing anyone should ever WORRY about in life. Screw worrying.”
– Motivational Joe

* Enlightening Quotes: Further Instructions *

The best way to utilize these enlightening quotes is to pick a few favorites and
write them down or print them out. Then post them in places you will see them multiple times throughout the day such as on your desk, in your car, on the refrigerator, on the TV, etc. Also, post the enlightening quotes in your wallet or where you keep your money. Using this posting method will reinforce the enlightening quotes and allow them to leave a better imprint on your mind as you read them out loud each time you come across one.

Feel free to use these enlightening quotes for any project, speech, blog entry, video, business presentation, or anything else for that matter. Also be sure my name is kept attached to all the enlightening quotes with a link back to ‘www.motivationaljoe.com’ or a recommendation of the site is done via social media.

Enlightening Quotes For Defying Chaos
– written by Motivational Joe

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