How To Feel Fully Alive Now (Speech)

The worst action someone can ever take against their
own success is the action of inaction. It’s in the choosing
to do NOTHING that slowly kills the dream and makes people
feel less and less alive.

No matter what success someone is looking to achieve
there is always a strong propensity to delay, to put off,
to get lazy, to get disheartened, to lose the edge, and to
forget how important the success is in the overall picture.

This happens because working towards success isn’t easy;
and besides that there are so many side interests that bring
fast gratification that it’s just more fun to do those instead.

Then after a short period of indulging in side interests the
inactivity towards the success brings a loss of confidence
and a diminished ability to continue along the arduous path
to success.

That is when the collapse occurs. That is when giving up
seems like a viable option. That is when hope is at its lowest.

To the rescue comes MOTIVATION. Motivation is what injects emotion
into the heart and mind of a success seeker and immediately makes them
feel more alive.

It’s that emotion which carries with it the ignition of moods, and it’s those moods which have the power to start motion.

And it’s that motion which gets people back on the path to their ultimate success.

Because it’s only when someone is truly motivated that their thoughts
and their confidence break through whatever boundaries are holding them
back. That is when their mind transcends limitations, and their consciousness
magnifies in every direction. That is when a new world of possibilities becomes real.

That is when someone’s inactive abilities, talents, and potential come alive and direct
the forces of the universe to aid them in their quest for success.

That is when a person becomes fully ALIVE. It can happen continuously, sporadically, or not at all. That’s the big deal why MOTIVATION is so important. And that’s why anyone who is serious about achieving success must actively engulf themselves in motivational content daily. Only then will they become fully alive.

Stand Up.
Fight Back.
Break Free.

How To Feel Fully Alive Now (Speech)
– Written by Motivational Joe