How To Know Winners From Losers (Poem)

We hear the terms ‘LOSER’ and ‘WINNER’ very often, but we
seldom get a clear definition of what those terms really mean outside
of simply winning or losing some kind of competition.

So now here’s a quick rundown of the exact definitions of being
a real ‘WINNER’ or ‘LOSER’:

A loser is part of the problem.
A winner is part of the answer.

A loser stops when they get tired.
A winner stops when they are done.

A loser fixates on what is wrong.
A winner fixates on is possible.

A loser gets frustrated when things get difficult.
A winner gets fascinated when things get difficult.

A loser will only to their job.
A winner will do anyone’s job.

A loser does enough to get by.
A winner does whatever it takes.

A loser can find a downside to every answer.
A winner can find an answer in every downside.

A loser will focus on the hurdlers in front of the goal.
A winner will focus on the goal beyond the hurdlers.

A loser will say things are, “hard.”
A winner will say things are, “time consuming.”

A loser makes a lot of promises.
A winner keeps all of their commitments.

A loser accepts losing.
A winner only accepts winning.

That is the real definition between ‘LOSER’ and ‘WINNER’.
Do you know which side you fall on?

Hint: if you’re reading this right now you’re probably a WINNER.

MORAL OF THE POEM: If you want to be a winner you must keep moving
forward no matter what. Otherwise you will end up a loser. It’s that simple.

Stand Up.
Fight Back.
Break Free.

How To Know Winners From Losers (Poem)
– Written by Motivational Joe