How To Save Your Life Now (Speech)

Try and figure out WHAT I AM from the following clues. It just may save your life.

I’m your continuous companion.

I’m your supreme aide or your heftiest weight.

I’ll thrust you forward or I’ll pull you down.

I’m totally at your control.

I’m simply managed. You just need to be firm with me. You need to show me
exactly how you want something done and after some repetition I will do it automatically.

I’m the servant of all successful people as well as the servant
of those who continually fail.

I’m responsible for people becoming happy, rich, and fulfilled.
I’m also responsible for people becoming depressed, unhealthy, and powerless.

I’m not mechanical, however I do work with the precision
of a highly sophisticated machine.

You could use me for profit, or use me for financial ruin;
it makes absolutely no difference to me.

Start me, train me, be strict with me, and I’ll bring you
whatever you want in the world.

Be lax with me and I’ll sabotage every hope and dream you’ll ever have.
I may even end your life early.








Start training yourself to use habits for you instead of against you.
If not, it may very well cost you your life.

Stand Up.
Fight Back.
Break Free.

How To Save Your Life Now (Speech)
– Written by Motivational Joe