How To Take The Magic Pill Now (Speech)

We live in a world where pills are given to us for almost anything.
However, what if there were one magic pill which took care of just about everything?

Would you take it?

Let’s say this magic pill enabled you to:

Have More Energy
Have Less Stress
Have More Confidence
Have Less Anxiousness
Have More Motivation
Have Less Laziness
Have More Productive
Have Less Fear

Would you take this magic pill?

Yes, of course you would take it. We all would.
We would all want life-time refills as well.

Sadly, this magic pill doesn’t exist in actual pill form.
But on the upside you won’t ever need a doctor’s prescription
to get all its benefits. All you’ll need are the ‘Big Three Words.’

That’s right, all of the benefits of the magic pill can be experienced
by using the Big Three Words and it’s guaranteed to work wonders in your life.

So how can you obtain the Big Three Words to work miracles in your life?
They are the most powerful combination of words in the English language:


Yes, that’s right. If you simply ACT the way you want to become you will become
the way you act, because once your body is in motion your emotions will follow.


You want more energy – ACT AS IF
You want less stress – ACT AS IF
You want more confidence – ACT AS IF
You want less anxiousness – ACT AS IF
You want more motivation – ACT AS IF
You want more productivity – ACT AS IF
You want less fear – ACT AS IF

ACT AS IF are the Big Three Words for working miracles in your life RIGHT NOW.
Start ACTING AS IF you are or have what you want and you will begin living
into it immediately. You can do this. Start right now. TODAY.

Stand Up.
Fight Back.
Break Free.

How To Take The Magic Pill Now (Speech)
– Written by Motivational Joe