Affirmations For Finding Love Starting Now

Love makes the world go round, but sometimes love isn’t an easy thing to find.

That’s why practicing positive self-talk with these affirmations for finding love is essential for attracting love into our lives and avoiding heartbreak.

These are my own original affirmations for finding love. They will strengthen our minds for enjoying more love and for tapping into our inborn power.

These affirmations for finding love will stamp themselves onto our subconscious mind. Then they will open each of us up to receiving an intense amount of love into our lives.

These affirmations for finding love minimize the negative thoughts that push love away and maximize the thoughts that bring love closer to us.

Also, just because these affirmations for finding love are short, don’t think they’re not very strong.

The strength in these affirmations for finding love stems from repetition, not from the initial impact upon reading them once.

Remember our ability to experience love is our responsibility. If we do nothing about it gloom and pessimism will seep in and make us negative, depressed, and feel undeserving.

At that point we won’t be generating very many positive results and we’ll drift further away from living as the most complete version of ourselves.

Pick your favorite love affirmation and read the instructions below now.

Current Number Of Affirmations For Finding Love: 31

#31: My actions and reactions to (insert name) are loving and understanding.

#30: I display love, trust, and loyalty in my relationship.

#29: I will take action to meet the person I am going to love and marry.

#28: I attract love in the most incredible and unexpectedly ways.

#27: My relationship with (insert name) is leading to love and commitment.

#26: I attract only loving and uplifting people into my awesome life.

#25: I know that I deserve love and I will put myself in a position to accept it today.

#24: I am a confident person filled with light, love, and laughter.

#23: I see the beauty in my surroundings and I radiate energy and love.

#22: I am ready to attract the perfect loving partner into my life by my direct actions.

#21: My respect and love for life reflects in my actions and reactions.

#20: It is easy for me to express love and in return it is easily expressed back to me.

#19: I am easy to love and it is easy for me to give love.

#18: I am now open to receiving love from the perfect person for me.

#17: I am lovable, tender, passionate, and ultra-sexy.

#16: I now look for the love in every person I meet and I find it easily.

#15: I am surrounded by love every day in every way.

#14: The love I give out returns to me quadrupled and then I give it out again.

#13: Today love is attracted to me and I am attracted to love.

#12: I clearly see myself in love with the person of my dreams.

#11: I love my friends and it shows in my actions.

#10: I easily and effortlessly forgive and communicate love.

#9: I love life and life definitely loves me right back.

#8: My marriage grows stronger and more loving every day.

#7: I love and accept myself just the way I am right now.

#6: I now invite a perfect and loving romantic relationship into my life.

#5: I attract love so easily that I barely have enough time to acknowledge it all.

#4: I only attract healthy and loving people into my life through my actions.

#3: People love me and accept me for who I am right now.

#2: I love my passions so much that they bring me joy and contentment.

#1: I easily express my romantic and loving feelings for (insert name).

* User Instructions *

Now that you have chosen your affirmations for finding love you must say them out loud to yourself at least 40X daily for 40 days. It takes 40 days to impress affirmations for finding love upon our unconscious “reacting” mind.

Although benefits from using affirmations for finding love can be felt immediately, it takes 40 days for affirmations for finding love to become an automatic behavior in the conscious “acting” mind.

Affirmations for finding love are the same as any other type of repetitive exercise regarding learning a new behavior. It is very important to say the affirmations for finding love slowly and with conviction.

Reciting the affirmations for finding love into a mirror helps as well. However, we must give ourselves the 40 days to let our bodies really “feel” the affirmations for finding love.

We need to allow ourselves the time to focus and let our affirmations for finding love connect with the inborn power that exists in each of us.

Affirmations For Finding Love Starting Now
– written by Motivational Joe X