Affirmations For Masculinity Starting Now

We’re at a point in time where the daily pressure on men is at an all-time high. It’s as if men are being torn in a dozen directions all at once.

That’s why it’s urgent for every man to participate in positive self-talk with the assistance of these affirmations for masculinity.

These are my own original affirmations for masculinity and they can significantly increase a man’s confidence and composure which is critical for tapping into our inborn power.

These affirmations for masculinity allow us to battle exhaustion, stress, and negativity by taking control of the little voice that hides within our subconscious and disrupts our path to success.

Just because these affirmations for masculinity are short, don’t think they’re not strong.

The strength in these affirmations for masculinity stems from repetition, not from the initial impact upon reading them once.

Remember, keeping ourselves positively motivated and directed towards success is our responsibility. If we do nothing about it, we’ll hit a wall and be mystified as to why we’re not getting anywhere anymore.

At that point we won’t be generating many positive results as we continue to hit the same wall repeatedly, which will keep us away from living as the most complete version of ourselves.

Pick your favorite affirmations for masculinity and read the instructions below now.

Current Number Of Affirmations For Masculinity: 36

#36: I am a man with enough time, energy, and wisdom to accomplish my desires.

#35: I am a confident man with a hunger and desire to achieve my goals every day.

#34: The tone of my masculine voice communicates strength and confidence.

#33: I am a peaceful man who creates synergistic and positive relationships.

#32: I express my honest and sincere appreciation for other men easily and often.

#31: I have a magnetic, warm, and masculine presence and handshake.

#30: I am a leader and influential man who gains respect through my actions.

#29: I create harmony with other men through cooperative effort not competition.

#28: I am a man who is youthful and adventurous and spontaneous.

#27: My magnetism and masculine charm are noticed as soon as I walk into a room.

#26: I am a strong man who is an outstanding and confident leader.

#25: I am a prepared man who has a results-oriented daily plan.

#24: When I am around other men I feel content and strong.

#23: I am a tower of strength, vitality, and masculinity and women notice it.

#22: I am a giving man who knows how to make others feel happy about life.

#21: I am a great leader who can see the point of view of other men.

#20: Everywhere I go people are drawn to my dynamic masculine personality.

#19: I am a man who knows how to relax and have a good time.

#18: My personal experiences have made me the strong man I am today.

#17: I encourage other men to talk about themselves and I listen intently.

#16: I am a man with passions and I pursue them with intensity and fervor.

#15: I am a man who receives wisdom from my subconscious 24/7.

#14: I actively listen to what other men say without interrupting them.

#13: I am a man who is confident and strong yet caring and corroborative.

#12: I am a man who laughs at himself with childish joy.

#11: I am a man who finds opportunities and advantages behind every door I open.

#10: When I speak to other men I focus on their interests not mine.

#9: I am a responsible and trusting man who sees the good in others.

#8: I am a man who takes direct action towards goals to build massive momentum.

#7: My subconscious properly prepares the subconscious of every other man I meet.

#6: I am a man who releases the need to be right all the time and to judge others.

#5: When I speak with other men they notice how confident and fun I am.

#4: I am a leader and I sincerely recognize the value in every other man I meet.

#3: I am a man who follows his gut instinct and I always find a reward.

#2: Prosperity and masculinity are my birthrights and it shows through my actions.

#1: I am a man who creates responses to circumstances not just reactions.

* User Instructions *

Now that you have chosen your affirmations for masculinity you must say them out loud to yourself at least 40X daily for 40 days. It takes 40 days to impress affirmations for masculinity upon the unconscious “reacting” mind.

Although benefits of using affirmations for masculinity can be felt immediately, it takes 40 days for the affirmations to become an automatic behavior in the conscious “acting” mind.

Affirmations for masculinity are the same as any other type of repetitive exercise regarding learning a new behavior. It is very important to say the affirmations for masculinity slowly and with conviction.

Reciting the affirmations for masculinity into a mirror helps as well. However, we must give ourselves the 40 days to let our bodies really “feel” the affirmations for masculinity.

We need to allow ourselves the time to focus and let our affirmations for masculinity connect with the inborn power that exists in each of us.

Affirmations For Masculinity Starting Now
– written by Motivational Joe X