Affirmations For Self Esteem Starting Now

A person’s self esteem level is so vital that it can either make or break their shot at a life of achievement.

That’s why it’s significant for everyone to practice positive self-talk with the assistance of affirmations for self esteem.

These are my own original affirmations for self esteem and they will help us take more focused actions and experience less shame from continued non-action. Doing so is paramount for tapping into our inborn power.

These affirmations for self esteem will allow each of us to take control of the little voice in our heads whenever it gets cynical, or inferior, or when it gives up altogether.

Just because these affirmations for self esteem are short, don’t think they’re not very strong.

The strength in these affirmations for self esteem stems from repetition, not from the initial impact upon reading them once.

Remember, our inner dialog and how we feel about ourselves is our responsibility. If we do nothing about them our standards will drastically lower and we’ll experience more and more personal shame.

At that point we won’t be generating many positive results and we’ll soon find ourselves extremely far away from living as the most complete version of ourselves.

Pick your favorite affirmations for self esteem and read the instructions below now.

Current Number Of Affirmations For Self Esteem: 39

#39: I have strong self esteem and I love to socialize and celebrate life.

#38: My attitude is so brimming with self esteem that I attract like minded people.

#37: Every day in every way I am growing more confident and filled with self esteem.

#36: When I breathe deeply my confidence and self esteem expand.

#35: I am now fearless, courageous, bold, and filled with awesome self esteem.

#34: My unique talents flow through me and supercharge my self esteem.

#33: I am a focused and action orientated individual with loads of self esteem.

#32: I have a magnetic and dynamic personality overflowing with self esteem.

#31: I now walk with assurance, poise, strength, and a full tank of self esteem.

#30: My contacts with people are smooth because I now utilize my self esteem.

#29: My character appeals to everyone because they sense my strong self esteem.

#28: My expression communicates certainty, confidence, and loads of self esteem.

#27: I am friendly, outgoing, confident, and exploding with positive self esteem.

#26: I now make good friends quickly and easily using my heightened self esteem.

#25: I am excited around others because they can sense my heightened self esteem.

#24: Other people believe in me because my self esteem is so strong can’t be ignored.

#23: I am now positively adventurous and filled with outrageous self esteem.

#22: I am more attractive and confident every day because of my strong self esteem.

#21: I increase my self esteem by increasingly putting my skills into action every day.

#20: My self esteem is so strong I provide support and confidence others in need.

#19: I get the benefit of the doubt because people notice my growing self esteem.

#18: I easily connect with everyone I meet because of my expanding self esteem.

#17: Regardless of their status I look others in the eye with full self esteem.

#16: I now radiate self esteem and certainty in the presence of other people.

#15: I use my self esteem to control the pictures, sounds, and thoughts in my mind.

#14: All my facial expressions are based in self esteem and are pleasant to others.

#13: Everyone appreciates who I am and the high self esteem I have achieved.

#12: Other people feel my enhanced self esteem and think I’m an interesting person.

#11: My confidence, competence, and self esteem are exploding massively every day.

#10: I move my body with confidence while displaying awesome self esteem.

#9: Good people are attracted to me every day now that I have magnetic self esteem.

#8: The advantage is always mine now that I’m completely filled with self esteem.

#7: People want to be like me because my confidence and self esteem are contagious.

#6: I mentally rehearse the results I want so my skill and self esteem expand wildly.

#5: My sense of humor and self esteem touches everyone around me.

#4: I am a strong and charismatic personality filled to the rim with self esteem.

#3: I have more than enough strength, vigor, and self esteem to complete my goals.

#2: People subconsciously notice my heightened self esteem and are attracted to it.

#1: My great ideas, energy, and self esteem create opportunities out of nowhere.

* User Instructions *

Now that you have chosen your affirmations for self esteem you must say them out loud to yourself at least 40X daily for 40 days. It takes 40 days to impress affirmations for self esteem upon our unconscious “reacting” mind.

Although benefits of using affirmations for self esteem can be felt immediately, it takes 40 days for the affirmations to become an automatic behavior in the conscious “acting” mind.

Affirmations for self esteem are the same as any other type of repetitive exercise when learning a new behavior. It is very important to say the affirmations for self esteem slowly and with conviction.

Reciting the affirmations for self esteem into a mirror helps as well. However, we must give ourselves the 40 days to let our bodies really “feel” the affirmations for self esteem.

We need to allow ourselves the time to focus and let our affirmations for self esteem connect with the inborn power that exists in each of us.

Affirmations For Self Esteem Starting Now
– written by Motivational Joe X