How The Bears Discovered Who Died

As the story goes…

One early spring day a very large family of more than two dozen black bears emerged from a long winter hibernation and gathered in a circle for the first meeting of the season.

That’s when the most senior black bear stepped up and announced something strange to all the other bears.

He said, “As we all start this glorious season I have some disheartening news for you all. During our hibernation the bear in this family who has been holding you back the most has died and there’s a quick funeral service being held right now down at the lake.”

After hearing the news all the black bears were upset by the loss of one of their own, but as they walked down the lake to pay their respects they all began to wonder exactly who had been holding back each of them and the family overall.

As each black bear reached the edge of the lake they were desperate to find out exactly ‘Who was the black bear that was preventing everyone’s growth?’

That’s when the senior bear stepped up again and said, “The bear who was holding you and everyone else back was laid to rest in the lake right here. If you look closely into the water you will be able to see…”

Just then one of the younger and more unruly black bears yelled out, “All I see is my reflection. All I see is ME.”

After that it was silent for just a moment until the other bears began chiming in, “Yes, all I see is me.” “It’s just my image in the water.” “There’s nothing to see here but myself…”

“Enough!” The senior black bear growled. Then he huffed a big breathe and said, “It’s true. The only thing in the water to see is yourself.

That’s because the only black bear capable of holding you back and limiting your growth, along with the advancement of the family, is YOU.

Only YOU have the strength to trap yourself and become a burden for the rest of us, and that part of YOU is now DEAD.

YOU will now command the circumstances of your life to bend in your favor. YOU will no longer hope, or wait, or wish for better weather, shallower streams, or slower prey to accomplish a goal.

YOU will simply make it happen no matter what, because YOU are the only one who has the strength to either perish or thrive, and from this day forward we all will thrive. Welcome to a NEW SEASON!”

The End.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Most often we’re the ones holding ourselves back; and only we can make the decision to start turning everything around. It is our choice moment to moment which side we’ll support.

How The Bears Discovered Who Died
– Written by Motivational Joe X