How The Beaver Made His Daughter Cry

As the story goes…

One evening an exhausted beaver returned to his den after another long day of working on yet other dam. He was beat and aggravated and all he wanted to do was get some sleep.

However, just as he laid down his daughter walked in and starting talking to him. “Daddy, daddy, I didn’t hear you come home. Are you still awake daddy?”

“I’m awake!” he shouted. “Can’t you see I’m trying to get some sleep? What do you want?”

Upon hearing her father’s stern words she took a step back and lowered her head as she uttered, “I didn’t mean to bother you. I just wanted to ask you a question.”

“Can you make it fast? I have to get up early to go back to work on the dam tomorrow.”

“Yes Daddy,” she muttered. “I just wanted to ask you about something. I, I mean I just wanted to know something. Ummm, ahhhhh, how much do they pay you to work on a dam for a day?”

“What did you just say?!?!?,” the father yelled. “What they pay me is none of your concern little girl. Now go to bed and let me get some sleep already.”

The little girl stood her ground, “Please Daddy, let me know how much they pay you per day. I really need to know.”

“Alright, alright,” the father snapped. “They pay me four patches of twigs, four strips of bark and four juicy plants per day. Are you happy now?”

A big smile came across the little girls face. Then she asked, “Daddy, I have another quick question. Can I borrow two patches of twigs, two strips of bark and two juicy plants? PLEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEE.”

This time the father sat straight up in his bed as he shouted, “Are you kidding me? Are you throwing a party for your little friends, or something stupid like that? I work very hard for my pay and I’m not going to see it squandered on nonsense. Now go to bed.”

This time the little girl remained silent as she left her father alone and headed off to bed dejected.

A half hour passed but the father still couldn’t fall sleep because he was feeling guilty about how he had spoken to his daughter.

He thought about it again and maybe she really needed what she asked for. After all she never asked for anything before. That’s when he decided to get up and pay his daughter a visit.

“Are you still awake?” he asked her.

“Hi daddy, yes I’m awake,” she confirmed with a few dried tears in her eyes.

The father sat next to his daughter and said, “I’m sorry for how I spoke to you earlier. I’ve been working nonstop on the dams recently and I’m afraid I took my frustrations out on you. You’re a great daughter and I didn’t mean to yell at you. Also, I want you to have these two patches of twigs, two strips of bark and two juicy plants. You asked for them and I trust you need them for something important so I want you to have them.”

The little girl jumped up excitedly and cried out. “Thank you thank you thank you daddy. You’re the best daddy!” Then she hopped up and pulled a box out from under the bed. It contained another two patches of twigs, two strips of bark and two juicy plants that she had saved up.

Upon seeing that she already had a stash of supplies the father started to get heated again as he figured she was being greedy, but before he could say anything the daughter beamed, “Here Daddy look, now I have four patches of twigs, four strips of bark and four juicy plants. That’s what they pay you per day. So now I give all this to you, and tomorrow we can spend the whole day together, right?”

The End.

MORAL OF THE STORY: We can’t let ourselves get so busy that the important people in our lives have to act like employees just to spend time with us. Money is important, but it won’t buy back time not spent with the ones we love.

How The Beaver Made His Daughter Cry
– Written by Motivational Joe X