How The Brothers Risked Death For Love

As the story goes…

There is a little known fairy tale about two princes in the kingdom of Alabaster.

The princes were nineteen year old twin brothers. One day they set out in search of their would be princesses dressed as average citizens so they could find and fall in love with women who loved them for who they really were.

The brothers were very much the same in just about every way.

They looked the same, they had the same sense of humor, they had similar talents, and were equally as intelligent.

However, their biggest difference was that the brother named Bernard took the easy way in life when it was offered while the other brother Alexander always seemed to seek out challenges.

So, on the morning of the quest to find their princesses they arrived at a fork in the road.

The left path lead gently down to some low hills and into a peaceful looking valley while the right path lead up a steep incline and then seemed to disappear into the mountains in the distance.

Always being the first to exploit the easy way Bernard quickly pointed his horse down the left path and rode off while to his surprise Alexander opted to take the right path up into the mountains.

Later that night as Bernard set up camp in the valley while Alexander found shelter in a small cave on the side of a mountain.

Then, a huge storm broke out. It was the strongest wind and rain either brother had ever experienced; and it went on all night long.

When the morning light pushed through the clouds Alexander emerged from the small cave to view a horrible sight. It appeared that the storm had flooded the entire surrounding area.

Alexander hurried down the mountain and went as far into the valley as he could in the direction he last saw his brother heading the day before.

And that’s when he saw his brother’s body floating in the flooded valley. Alexander pulled Bernard out of the water while cursing him for always taking the easy way as he clung to life.

He quickly positioned Bernard on the back of his horse and they rode as swiftly as possible to the next town for help.

When they arrived a few hours later Alexander immediately took his brother into the medicine man’s cottage for help, but it was too late. The medicine man informed Alexander that his twin brother Bernard was dead. Alexander was crushed.

He was overcome with emotion so he went outside to sit in the dirt after thanking the medicine man for his help.

The medicine man seeing how distraught Alexander was went to the backroom of his cottage and ordered his daughter to make a special calming tea for him.

After an uncommonly long time to prepare a single cup of tea the medicine man’s daughter emerged from the cottage and approached Alexander who was still sitting in the dirt with his head down.

She said, “I’m very sorry for the delay in making this calming tea for you, but we were all out of Prairie Leafs so I went out to pick some fresh ones. We do have plenty of Zolmic Leafs which is a fine substitute, but I wanted to make this tea for you just right.”

Upon hearing those words Alexander lifted his head to meet the gaze of the young medicine man’s daughter, and as they locked eyes she softly muttered; “I didn’t want to make it the easy way.”

It was love at first sight for Alexander and the medicine man’s daughter. They were married within the year and the Prince and Princess lived happily ever after.

The End.

MORAL OF THE STORY: We must not seek a life of ease by always avoiding initial obstacles. If we do sooner or later it may cost us everything. Because most often the hard way is only hard at first.

How The Brothers Risked Death For Love
– Written by Motivational Joe X