How The Captain Sailed The Deadly Storm

As the story goes…

Years ago a man captained a cargo ship, but he always had a difficult time hiring and keeping the small crew he needed because the shipping lanes he used were in the roughest and most dangerous of seas.

Then one day at port the captain came across a sailor man who was looking for work.

His name was Bucky and he was hired on the spot because the ship was leaving the next day on a cargo run and it was already short on crew.

Early the next morning Bucky showed up for work and found the captain in a frantic state.

Then, as soon as the captain saw Bucky he was overjoyed as he said, “Thanks goodness you showed up. You’re the only one in the crew who did. Do you anyone who needs a job fast?”

Bucky looked puzzled as he calmly answered, “Why did the other guys not show up?”

The nervous captain looked right into Bucky’s eyes and said, “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but there’s a big storm heading directly in our path for this trip. The other four guys in the crew must have heard about it and decided to quit.”

Bucky replied in his usual calm manner, “Well, I’m new to these parts so I don’t know anyone, but we can do this on our own without a problem. After all I’m not new to being on a ship and I can certainly ‘rest when the waves break.’

The captain was a little baffled by Bucky’s words, but he didn’t question anything because Bucky was his only hope for completing the shipping trip. “OK then, let’s get going.” That was all the captain replied as they both boarded the ship.

All went well until the third day of the trip when Bucky, the Captain, and the ship ran straight into the big storm.

As the rain started to pour down and the waves began to swell up the Captain called over the ship’s loud speaker, “Bucky to the bridge, Bucky to the bridge right away.”

As Bucky reached the bridge the frazzled Captain questioned him, “Bucky, we’re heading into the storm now. What are you up to?!?!”

Bucky, in his customary tranquil tone replied, “I told you earlier Captain, I rest when the waves break.”

“You’re resting? What the heck are you talking about?” yelled the Captain. Next he grumbled, “Stay here. Man the bridge. I’m going to make sure everything is battened down. And try not to rest too much while I’m gone.”

Then, as the Captain desperately searched the ship for loose or insecure items he was astonished to find none at all. The cargo containers were all double latched, the food supplies were all strapped in, the water tight doors were all shut, the engine room was tightly sealed off, and even the pumps were charged and ready go.

Everything was already done!

It was in that moment when the Captain finally understood what Bucky was saying.

He was resting when the waves broke because he had taken care of everything beforehand. Bucky had fully prepared for the oncoming storm.

The End.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Preparation is a fundamental ingredient for preventing havoc as well as tapping into our inborn power. That’s why we need to make sure we can ‘rest when the waves break’ throughout our lives.

How The Captain Sailed The Deadly Storm
– Written by Motivational Joe X