How The Coach Silenced The Rude Mom

As the story goes…

Not long ago there was a kid who loved playing soccer every year in his hometown league.

Between the sun, the grass, the running, and the competition he had a blast every game.

The league was one of those where at the start of every season each player had a new team, new teammates, and a new coach. So each year was an entirely new adventure.

One of those seasons late in his childhood soccer career the boy was placed on a team with a coach who seemed older than the game of soccer itself.

The old coach was an oddly tranquil Jewish man with a childlike expression so one of the parents starting calling him Coach Mensch. The name stuck.

One day after a game the boy’s Mom approached Coach Mensch and asked him if he could tell her son to stop chewing gum during the game because she was scared he would choke on it.

Coach Mensch responded in his usual stoic manor, “Please bring him back to me after next week’s game.”

The boy’s Mom was a little confused, but she agreed.

A week passed and so did another gum chewing game when they boy’s mom dragged him over to see Coach Mensch again.

This time she was rather stern as she requested the Coach to instruct her son to stop chewing gum during the games.

Coach Mensch then turned to the boy, knelt down, looked him straight in the eye and spoke slowly with confident authority, “Stop chewing gum during the games.”

Then he proceeded to stand up and walk away. That’s when the boy’s mom stopped the Coach and rudely stated, “Why couldn’t you just have hold him that last week or before the game today?”

Coach Mensch calmly replied, “Because until now, I was chewing gum during the games too.”

After that the boy’s mom was silent.

The End.

MORAL OF THE STORY: We must never forget that leading by example isn’t the best way to influence others; it’s the ONLY WAY.

How The Coach Silenced The Rude Mom
– Written by Motivational Joe X