How The Cocky Shooter Botched The Shot

As the story goes…

Johnny had recently won a good number of youth shooting contests within his local rifle association. He was proud of himself.

So proud in fact that Johnny gloated, bragged, and boasted about his victories to everyone around, including Hank.

Hank was the wrong person to brag to about shooting as he was a decorated war veteran and had been the area’s best crack shot for decades.

Hank also preferred decisive action over simple words which is why Johnny paid close attention when he said, “Hey Kid, see that fence post over there with the can on top? Shoot the can.”

Johnny quickly replied back, “That’s it? No problem. I could hit that in my sleep.” Then he raised his rifle, aimed it at the can, and pulled the trigger. POW!

The can went flying. “See? It ain’t no thing.” Johnny quipped as he lowered the rifle and the small group of onlookers clapped lightly.

Without addressing Johnny’s success Hank turned around, pointed to a mailbox, and said, “Now look over there. Shoot the mailbox.”

Johnny couldn’t help but laugh, though he didn’t try hard to fight it back as he said, “The whole mailbox? Really? Are you kidding me? Has the gunpowder gone to your brain?

How could I miss it? It’s ten times bigger than the can and it’s the same distance away. Why should I bother?”

“Shoot the mailbox,” Hank barked at Johnny.

“OK, OK, don’t give yourself a heart attack. I’ll shoot the damn mailbox.”

Then as Johnny was raising his rifle, Hank pulled Ashley the captain of the high school cheer leading team from the crowd and whispered in her ear.

Next as Johnny was taking aim Ashley who was very attractive and wearing very small shorts and a swim suit top walked over to him and gently blew in his ear. POW!

Johnny fired his rifle towards the mailbox, but he missed wildly. The mailbox remained unscathed as Ashley and her friends in the crowd walked away chuckling.

That’s when Hank approached Johnny who was still standing in place with both his rifle and his head lowered and he said, “You’re a decent shot kid. You have command of your rifle, but you need to work on commanding your mind which is what ultimately fires the shot.”

The End.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Accessing and then commanding our inborn power is not achieved absent pressure or distraction. It is only when our resolve is tested that we will know if we have what it takes to being living as the most complete version of ourselves.

How The Cocky Shooter Botched The Shot
– Written by Motivational Joe