How The Delivery Guy Crashed And Burned

As the story goes…

Jimmy was a very eager and determined young man when he applied for a package delivery job with an independent company, and got it.

The hours were flexible, the pay was good, and he was mostly out on his own which he loved; so he was excited to do his very best.

On the first day after training Jimmy’s boss gave him the keys to his very own pick-up truck for making the deliveries.

The boss said, “This is your work truck. You’re to use this truck for making your deliveries and you’re also responsible for its maintenance as well. Now get to work and we’ll meet again in three months.”

Jimmy grabbed the keys and off he went. At the end of his first three months on the job he set the company record for the most packages delivered with 500!

“Excellent Job,” the boss said. “Keep it up!”

Jimmy was super inspired by what his boss said so he pushed harder during the next three months, but he was only able to deliver 380 packages.

Then Jimmy pushed even harder during the next three month period but he was only able to deliver 300 packages.

It seemed that every day Jimmy was delivering less and less packages even thou he was putting out more and more effort.

That’s when Jimmy met again with his boss and said, “I’m very sorry for my drop in numbers, but I’m working harder than ever. I can’t figure out what’s wrong.”

“When was the last time you maintained your truck?” asked the boss.

“Maintained my truck,” Jimmy blurted out. I haven’t had time to maintain my truck, I’ve been running around like MAD delivering packages.”

That was Jimmy’s last day on the job. He had a great opportunity, but he crashed and burned.

The End.

MORAL OF THE STORY: We must remember to never run around like MAD sacrificing maintenance for results in our lives. Because in the end they need to work together to allow us to tap into our inborn power.

How The Delivery Guy Crashed And Burned
– Written by Motivational Joe X