How The Graduation Cap Is Worth The Crap

As the story goes…

The day Dennis graduated from college is still the proudest day of his life.

He was never a great, or even a very good student in high school due to his early struggles with dyslexia and a school system which harmed more than helped his academic maturation.

So you can picture just how much his eventual graduation from college fulfilled him. He felt awesome!

Dennis’s college graduation ceremony took place in a huge sports arena where professional basketball and hockey teams played there games. He sat there with his class and soaked up every minute of it. He had done it. He was a college graduate!

After the ceremony he joined with his family in the parking lot and then he ran into
his favorite Professor. They hugged and the Professor patted Dennis on the back, “You did it, Congratulations!” he yelled.

“Yup!” Dennis replied with a big smile on his face. “I really did it. But it was hard.”

“I know it was very hard, but it was worth it, wasn’t it?” the Professor asked.

“It was totally worth it,” Dennis yelled out. Then he said with a smirk, “However at points I must admit I did wonder if it was worth everything; because I went through a lot of crap.”

As he heard those words Dennis’s Professor laughed and pointed to his cap and grown and said jokingly, “So I guess the cap is worth the crap?”

“Absolutely,” Dennis chucked. “The cap is worth the crap!”

Before Dennis’s Professor walked away to find some of his other graduating students he left him with this advice. “Now you know if you make decisions in life based on how easy, convenient, comfortable or painless your choices are you can’t ever expect amazing things to happen like what you’ve accomplished here today.

Never forget that ‘crap-free living is cap-free living.’ As you go forward you can bet that the ‘caps’ you achieve in your life will be in direct proportion to the ‘crap’ you go through to get it. Be tough, get stuff. GOOD LUCK!”

The End.

MORAL OF THE STORY: If we want a huge return in the end we need to pay a big price along the way. That’s truly how to tap into our inborn power. Be tough, get stuff.

How The Graduation Cap Is Worth The Crap
– Written by Motivational Joe X