How The Little Girl Nearly Burned Alive

As the story goes…

A young girl and her grandfather were in a pet shop when a fire broke out. It was a sudden and fast-moving fire which got out of control quickly.

The employees along with the young girl and her grandfather helped to get all the bigger animals such as the dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles to safety.

Then as the fire took a bad turn and everyone started running to the exit the young girl noticed the huge tanks full of fish.

She ripped herself away from her Grandfather’s grasp and darted straight towards the fish tanks. Once she got there she frantically started scooping as many fish as she could into small bags of water.

Her Grandfather caught up with her a few moments later and pulled her away as he cried out; “We only have a few seconds to get out of here, besides there’s thousands of fish in these tanks, it WON’T MATTER.”

A few seconds later the young girl and her Grandfather made it safely to the door and exited the pet shop as it dramatically burst into an inferno.

As the shop became engulfed in flames the Grandfather looked down at the young girl, but before he could speak she held up a bag filled with fish and muttered with tears in her eyes, “Grandpa, I know it didn’t matter to all the fish, but it mattered to these.”

The End.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Even if we don’t make a big difference to as many as we’d like, we can still make a massive difference to a few, and that makes all the difference.

How The Little Girl Nearly Burned Alive
– Written by Motivational Joe X