How The Lucky Gardener Got Himself Shot

As the story goes…

Two Mexican brothers in California ran a small gardening business. One brother was much older and wise while the other was younger and reckless.

Then one day while working high in a tree the younger brother fell and fractured his shoulder.

When news got out about the accident the owner of the competing gardening business came to the older brother and said, “What bad luck for you. Now that your brother is hurt you will surely lose business to me.”

The older brother merely replied, “Bad luck, good luck, we’ll see.”

A day later the older brother was approached by a retired gang leader who just purchased a big house and wanted to hire the brothers to do all the gardening.

It was a big job and meant a lot of regular cash money. However the older brother had to turn the job down because the younger brother would not be able to work for several weeks.

Soon thereafter the owner of the competing gardening business again came to the older brother and said, “What good luck for me. Your brother is hurt so you couldn’t take the big job and instead it went to my business.”

The older brother merely replied again, “Bad luck, good luck, we’ll see.”

A week later as the competing gardener was working on the big house owned by the retired gang leader an old member of a revival gang who just got out of jail drove past the house and sprayed it with bullets.

One of those bullets hit the competing gardener in the leg and he rushed himself off to the local medical clinic.

As soon as the older brother heard of this he headed over to the medical clinic to check in on the competing garden.

Once he arrived the competing gardener said, “Getting that job was complete bad luck, look at me, I’ve been shot.”

The older brother merely replied to his injured competitor, “Bad luck, good luck, we’ll see.”

Then the very next day the police came to the competing gardener’s house to deport him back to Mexico because his visa had recently expired.

However, he wasn’t there because he was still at the medical clinic.

Now, is that bad luck or good luck? I guess we’ll see.

The End.

MORAL OF THE STORY: We must never allow ourselves to get completely absorbed in the emotional side of our life’s circumstances.

Because everything that occurs has a significance and a purpose outside of the initial impact of what has happened.

We need to remember that circumstances are only bad or good in relative terms; and until we determine exactly what a circumstance IS to us, it ISN’T anything.

How The Lucky Gardener Got Himself Shot
– Written by Motivational Joe X