How The Queen Of Clean Got Traumatized

As the story goes…

An old lady was in line waiting to pay for her groceries at the supermarket when she noticed a much younger women behind her in line with a shopping cart full of cleaning supplies.

Then, the old lady asked the younger women, “My dear it looks like you’re in for a good deal of cleaning this weekend.”

“Ah yes” the younger women said tiredly. “I’ve need to keep the house neat and tidy. You just never know who’s stopping by. Can’t have them walk into a mess.”

The old lady nodded. “Yes, I once thought that way too. I was known as the Queen Of Clean. I would clean the house endlessly. It was spick and span at all times. I would even get down on my hands and knees to scrub the floors. I did that for many years.

Then, I realized something one day. I noticed that no one ever really stopped by. And if they did they certainly didn’t care if the floors were recently scrubbed by hand. Do you see what I’m getting at deary?”

“No, not really.” said the younger woman trying to sound more polite than she actually was.

The old lady replied, “You see, people don’t really stop by all that often because they’re out living their lives and creating memories. They’ll all doing things and having fun, or trying to anyway.

I also noticed that when I did have company over they were much more interested in what I was doing with my life and how I was having fun instead of how clean the drapes were or how fresh the carpet smelled.

That’s just how it is my dear. So I stopped cleaning as much and starting living more. Please take this advice from a former Queen Of Clean.

Life goes by fast, so don’t miss out on it. You can be a Queen Of Clean if you really want, but wouldn’t you rather read a book, take a walk, talk with a friend, tend to a garden, write a poem, take a class, or maybe donate your time and some extra possessions to a good cause?

Remember that time doesn’t wait for a Queen Of Clean, and it’s running out fast. You need to use that time on bigger things than ensuring your floors are the shiniest on the street. Instead you have concerts to hear and languages to speak. You have places to see and people to hug. You have hills to climb and flowers to smell. You have a great life to live and much love to share. Don’t miss these things because you’re too busy cleaning.

A Queen Of Clean doesn’t feel the sun on her face, the breeze in her hair, grass under her feet, or the tingle of excitement as the hair on the back of her neck stands up. Don’t miss these things because you’re too busy cleaning.

However, if you dare to be a Queen Of Clean take warning that as fast as life comes and goes, old age comes faster, and when it does it’s not gentle or tender.

Then, it will not matter how clean your rugs are or how polished your furniture may be, because you won’t be able to do much about it anyhow.

So let it go now. A Queen Of Clean is not how you want to be remembered. Life’s isn’t about how clean you can remain. It’s about how spotless you have lived.”

A moment later, the younger lady excused herself and walked straight out of the supermarket leaving behind her cart full of cleaning supplies. The world now has one less Queen Of Clean.

Are you next?

The End.

MORAL OF THE STORY: To live as the most complete version of ourselves we must focus on doing things with our lives, not cleaning things.

How The Queen Of Clean Got Traumatized
– Written by Motivational Joe X