How The Rich Golfer Got Scared To Death

As the story goes…

One day a multi-millionaire named Sterling was playing golf at an exclusive country club of which he was a member.

Sterling had the most expensive clubs, shoes, balls, pants, bag, hat, gloves, and he even had custom made tees, all of which he was showing off to anyone he could.

Sterling picked Old Ollie as his caddie this day. Old Ollie was of meager means and he seemed to be older then the game of golf itself.

He’d also been a caddie at the club longer than most members had even been alive, including Sterling. Old Ollie was a humble intuition of the club and his knowledge of the course was priceless.

However, after the first nine holes Sterling had not headed a single bit of Old Ollie’s advice because he was more concerned with showing off his worldly possessions and planning what he would buy next.

As they stopped back at the clubhouse to grab a snack before continuing on to the final nine holes Sterling noticed Old Ollie crouched over a small pile of his own modest golf equipment saying a little prayer.

“What on earth are you doing?” Sterling barked.

Old Ollie replied, “Oh, I’m just giving thanks for my golf equipment. I do love being around the game so very much.”

Sterling jabbed back before Old Ollie was finished speaking by saying, “Well, if that were my pile of golf equipment I certainly wouldn’t be giving thanks for it, I’d be tossing it in river!”

Old Ollie calmly retorted, “I understand, but I’m thankful for it anyhow.”

Then they continued on to finish the final nine holes, but not before Old Ollie said to Sterling, “You know, it’s interesting that you chose me at your caddie today. Because just this morning as I gazed across the course as the sun came up I had a feeling, I guess you could call it a premonition. I sincerely felt that sometime this week the wealthiest person at this club would die. Do you know what that could mean?”

Sterling scoffed as he walked away after golfing poorly and short changing Old Ollie on his tip, “Premonition, what? Don’t be stupid. See ya.”

However, later that night what Old Ollie said kept repeating over and over in Sterling’s head. “Sometime this week the wealthiest person at this club would die.” Sterling knew he had just become the wealthiest member of the club, but he was in perfect health.

Yet, even with that knowledge Sterling set-up an emergency appointment with his doctor for an immediate check-up.

Once at his doctor’s office Sterling retold Old Ollie’s premonition to which his doctor replied, “I don’t know this caddie you’re talking about, but I just examined you thoroughly and you’re the healthiest person I’ve seen all week. So unless you step in front of a bus there’s no way you’re dying this week.”

Once back home Sterling decided to take what the doctor said very literally by locking himself in the house for the remainder of the week. He wasn’t going to take any chances, so he just stayed put.

After the week was up Sterling was relieved that nothing had happened to him and he was eager to head over the country club to show everyone his new luxury car which was just delivered.

As Sterling pulled into the club’s parking lot he noticed all the golfers were standing off to the side of the course as a helicopter made zigzag patterns overhead.

“What’s all this about?” Sterling shouted as he joined the group of standing golfers.

One of the golfers turned to Sterling and replied, “Didn’t you know? They’re spreading Old Ollie’s ashes over the course. It was his last wish. Boy did he love the game of golf. He died just the other day.”

The End.

MORAL OF THE STORY: The wealthiest people aren’t the ones with the most money, the nicest things, or the greatest admiration. The wealthiest people are the ones who love what they’re doing, help others as much as possible, and are profoundly thankful for what they have.

How The Rich Golfer Got Scared To Death
– Written by Motivational Joe X