How The Tormented Bird Treated His Family

As the story goes…

A small town just saw the completion of its first giant box retail store. Along with it
came the usual giant sign on the front of the building.

That’s when one ambitious bird flew into action. Within that giant sign he was going to build the biggest nest anyone ever saw. It is going to be grand he thought, but he knew he needed help.

That’s when the ambitious bird hired a helper to construct the nest. The helper’s name was Larry the bird. Larry was a solid worker day in and day out, however circumstances on the job usually seemed to get the better of Larry.

One day a loose newspaper that was blowing around hit him and he dropped a full load of twigs for the nest. Another day he picked up a patch of grass to carry back to the nest but it had a lite cigarette butt in it which burnt his beak pretty badly.

Now today was especially difficult for Larry for work. He was caught in the rain, he was scratched by a cat, and he was hit in the wing by some kids shooting their BB guns. After all that Larry wasn’t in a good mood to say the least.

When the ambitious bird saw the haggard condition Larry was in he offered to help him get home, to which he accepted.

Then, as the two birds reached Larry’s home nest high up in a tree Larry invited the ambitious bird in to meet his family, to which he accepted. However, just before they reached the nest Larry hopped over to a nearby branch that was all chipped-up and started pecking away at it a few frantic times.

Next, he quickly returned to the ambitious bird and as they both entered the nest Larry seemed to undergo a metamorphosis. All of sudden Larry’s feathers fluffed out, his wings fluttered gracefully, and his eyes shined forth with the majesty of an eagle.

As the two birds entered the nest Larry’s family showered him with love and devotion. The ambitious bird was stunned by what he had just witnessed.

Later as the evening drew to an end Larry walked the ambitious bird out and they passed the nearby branch Larry had pecked at earlier.

That’s when the ambitious bird stopped for a second and asked Larry about why he had peaked at the branch earlier and about the metamorphosis which followed.

“Oh yes,” Larry answered. “That is my Burden Branch. Whenever I have a bad day I peck away on the Burden Branch a little bit before entering my nest and seeing my family.

Because I know bad days will happen, but I peck those burdens into the branch so I don’t bring them into my nest and have them affect my family.

Then the following day I check out the branch to see how much damage I did to it the night before with all my burdens. However the interesting thing is, there’s never anywhere near the amount of damage to the branch I thought there was the night before. It’s as if somehow overnight a lot of my burdens just vanished and my family was saved from them forever.”

The End.

MORAL OF THE STORY: All burdens seem less after a good night of sleep and the admiration of family. So let’s not make our bad day their bad day too.

How The Tormented Bird Treated His Family
– Written by Motivational Joe X