How The Village Taught The Snotty Guy Magic

As the story goes…

Every year around the holidays John set up a small village of light-up ceramic houses with little figurines of shoppers and trees and an ice skating pond. He found it relaxing and he really enjoyed doing it every year.

A few years ago just before John was ready to complete the project for the year and turn on all the lights for the first time, he fixated on getting the details just right on the backside of one of the smaller houses far from the front of the display.

While he was making the adjustments and finishing everything up one of his guests came over to me and him, “Why are you working so hard on the details all the way in the back? Who’s really going to notice what’s going on back there?”

Then, without ever looking up he answered, “I will, because the magic is in the details.”

The End.

MORAL OF THE STORY: We can all truly begin living as the most complete version of ourselves when we practice mastering the details; because that’s where the real magic is.

How The Village Taught The Snotty Guy Magic
– Written by Motivational Joe X