How To Act And Not React Starting Now

Ever wonder what the real difference is between people who are goal conquering bad asses; and everyone else?

Well, here it is:

Goal conquering bad asses are ACTORS; while everyone else are RE-ACTORS.

In other words, goal conquering bad asses know how to act, not just react, in all situations.

Check this next part out and see what I’m talking about…

A long time ago a friend of mine told me a story about seeing the same mailman every day when he arrived at her office of work.

She would always greet him in a very polite and optimistic manner, but the mailman’s reply would consistently be cantankerous and sullen.

Then, she would collect the mail which was crudely pushed in her direction.

After that she would graciously bid the mailman a fond good day, while receiving little more than a grunt in return. This would happen almost every single day.

At that point I stopped the story and asked my friend a few questions:

Me: “Was the mailman always that impolite to you?”

My Friend: “Indeed he was.”

Me: “Yet you were always very warm and inviting to him; everyday?”

My Friend: “Yes I was; every single day.”

Me: “But why were you so friendly to him when he was so nasty to you?”

My Friend: “Because I never allow other people to decide how I’m going to act.”

She ended up owning that company in less than six years.

Overall, if we want to be goal conquering bad asses we need to actively practice how to act, and not react, in every situation we find ourselves in.

Once we start doing that the positive results and rewards will add up quickly.

That’s ultimately how to act and not react while further tapping into our inborn power.

This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

How To Act And Not React Starting Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X