How To Be A True Friend (Poem)

Since the 8th grade I’ve been lucky to have a true friend and be a true friend in return.

It may seem trivial, but being a true friend over many years takes work and it also takes an ‘IT’ factor.

Here’s what I mean when I talk about the true friend ‘IT’ factor.

When I told my true friend I got a new bike for my birthday, he never said, “I just got one too only with more upgrades.”

When my true friend told me he was getting an after school job at the supermarket, I never said, “I make more working at the toy store.”

When I told my true friend I was reaching the rank of First-class in Boy Scouts, he never said, “I just reached the highest rank of Eagle Scout.”

When my true friend told me he got detained by police at a party, I never said, “I was planning on going to that party but it seemed like trouble.”

When I told my true friend I was accepted into a college, he never said, “I was accepted into a bigger University.”

When my true friend bleached his hair blonde, I never said, “That looks ridiculous.”

When I showed my new tattoo to my true friend, he never said, “That was probably a bad idea.”

When my true friend lost big money gambling, I never said, “I wouldn’t have placed those bets.”

When I got stuck rock climbing with my true friend, he never said, “You should have stopped sooner.”

When my true friend had his heart broken, I never said, “She was no good for you anyway.”

When I took a weekend seminar that changed my life, my true friend signed up the very next day.

When my true friend was upset because his grandfather was turning 100 and there wasn’t much time left with him, I never said, “Well, he lived a good long life.”

I listened instead.

When my father died and I was upset about what that meant for me, my true friend didn’t try and figure it out.

He just listened instead.

True friends feel the others pain, or discomfort, or embarrassment, or shame, or disappointment as if it’s their own.

Then once they process everything and figure out exactly what’s going on a true friend will listen and support the other without ever saying, “I told you so,” or “I know how you’re feeling.”

That’s what the true friend ‘IT’ factor is all about.

MORAL OF THE POEM: The true friends are the ones who are able to listen and preform the caring action of non-action exactly at the right times.

How To Be A True Friend (Poem)
– Written by Motivational Joe X