How To Be As Good As A Dog Now (Speech)

Here’s a quick list of how dogs are actually better at life than most humans. Maybe we should all start being more dog-like starting today?

#1) Dogs can start their day without caffeine drinks or energy pills.

#2) Dogs can be cheerful while ignoring their aches and pains.

#3) Dogs can eat the same healthy food day after day and be thankful for it.

#4) Dogs understand when loved ones are too busy to give them attention and they deal with it in their own loving ways.

#5) Dogs can overlook when people take things out on them when it’s not their fault.

#6) Dogs can take criticism and direction without resentment.

#7) Dogs never lie and they are not deceitful.

#8) Dogs can conquer tension without medical help.

#9) Dogs can relax and unwind without liquor.

#10) Dogs can sleep without the aid of drugs.

Now, it’s time for you to start living more like the family dog so you can soon begin tapping into your inborn power.

How To Be As Good As A Dog Now (Speech)
– Written by Motivational Joe X