How To Be Extraordinary Starting Now

The fundamental difference between ordinary people and extraordinary people is that ordinary people focus on ordinary questions, while extraordinary people focus on the extraordinary question.

Every day we encounter tons and tons of ordinary questions. However, the vast majority of these ordinary questions won’t change our lives very much. Some examples of these ordinary questions are:

Credit or debit?
For here or to go?
Fill it up?
Do you want ketchup with that?

These are ordinary questions and they simply assist us in getting through the day.
These are the types of ordinary questions people answer all the time and think their answers are getting them to a better place in life. They’re not. The answers to ordinary questions won’t ever help us discover how to be extraordinary.

However, there is an extraordinary question some people answer every day which changes the quality of their lives instantly.

The Extraordinary Question is…




People who end up becoming extraordinary answer this question multiple times per day. This is the extraordinary question which separates people who are going through the daily motions of life, from the ones who are pushing to be something better than they are now.

This extraordinary question inspires people to take action while others sit back and play it safe. This extraordinary question helps push people out of their comfort zones, while others stay comfortably tucked in and stagnant.

That’s why we need to ask ourselves the extraordinary question everyday.
If we don’t, we’re just holding ourselves back from being better.

People who don’t ask themselves the extraordinary question end up just being enrolled in life and doing what’s expected.

However, people who do ask themselves the extraordinary question end up more involved in life by actively creating their own positive reality. That’s the key to how to be extraordinary.

Now, going forward we must actively focus on the extraordinary question everyday.
In the end, it’s impossible to become extraordinary by holding back.

Because when we hold back and just keep answering ordinary questions the best results we can hope for are ordinary results. However, if we’re really going for it by asking ourselves the extraordinary question our results will become extraordinary.

That’s ultimately how to become extraordinary while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

How To Be Extraordinary Starting Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X