How To Be Incredible Now (99 Word Speech)

Brevity is often times the most effective way to deeply impact others with a message.

With that said, I present here my 99 word speech titled: How To Be Incredible Now.

Show up early.

Listen to everything.

Ask many questions.

Don’t talk much.

Always act confidently.

Smile, Smile, Smile.

Remember people’s names.

Be overly prepared.

Make eye contact.

Take smart risks.

Work out problems.

Don’t cut corners.

Be kind now.

Never stop learning.

Control your compulsions.

Eat less, Exercise more.

Spend less, Save more.

Cry less, Laugh more.

Develop your patience

Sit with nature.

Foster your curiosity.

Don’t bother complaining.

Be forever thankful.

Trust in others.

Learn from mistakes.

Don’t make excuses.

Avoid chasing perfection.

Start it, then finish it.

Leave last; Never quit

Care for others.

Love the journey…

There you go. My 99 Word Speech.

How To Be Incredible Now (99 Word Speech)
– Written by Motivational Joe X