How To Be More Happy And Energetic Now

When all is said and done our lives will not be defined by the jobs we’ve had, the admiration we’ve achieved, or the things we’ve acquired.

Instead our lives will be defined by whether we chased what we ached for and if we celebrated, not suppressed, our heart’s longing.

When we come to the realization that our happiness is completely up to us and then take our first steps into a world of infinite possibilities we may ask, “What exactly is the most rewarding journey a single life can take?”

The answer to that question is taken from the most revered and confidential of documents. This document is known solely as the ‘The Lost Legacy Scroll.’ And it’s the key to learning how to be more happy and energetic now.

Warning: the lost legacy scroll will prompt all of us to question the direction of our lives as well as how we spend the majority of our time. So please study it carefully.


Lost Legacy Scroll

“For those few who have the courage and the foresight to ask, “Which is the greater path chosen by the wisest of the last?” the answer is in the moment before future turns to past, when your quest of need has vanished and your spell of zest is cast.”


Although most people commonly regard this scroll as simple, poetic gibberish, there are a select number of individuals that realize its true strength.

The Lost Legacy Scroll appears to be just a poem, but it’s more. The scroll is in essence a window into the future of every happiness seeker who takes the time to analyze its message.

The Lost Legacy Scroll begins by acknowledging the select mass of individuals who are daring and have the desire to look past their everyday dramas. Those who are in search of a more fulfilling path for their lives.

The Lost Legacy Scroll continues by telling those select individuals that the brighter path they are searching for is not hiding somewhere in the future. It is waiting for them right now in the present moment.

Finally, the Lost Legacy Scroll instructs its readers on exactly how they can go about uncovering their more fertile life’s path and how to be more happy and energetic now.

The last sentence of the Lost Legacy Scroll is actually the fundamental instruction regarding how to be more happy and energetic for anyone who has the courage.

The sentence states that a higher path to success and happiness will actually reveal itself when that individual lets go of their “quest of need” (standard of living) and embraces a “spell of zest” (quality of life).

Unfortunately, a great number of people spend their lives obsessed with their standard of living.

These individuals unconsciously believe that as they obtain more and more possessions (cars, homes, jewels, toys, etc) the quality of their lives and overall happiness will continue to increase.

They believe this because they seem to earn passing acknowledgement from their peers and silent respect from strangers. Sadly this is not how to be more happy and energetic.

This preoccupation with material glitter and stature will act as fuel for some people. It will pacify them until the inevitable day when they wake up and realize they are serving a life sentence in the prison of their own ego.

This self-incarceration begins when these individuals start filling their lives with artificial trophies they think will bring prolonged happiness but conversely end up producing nothing more than a soulless standard of living.

It also produces wave upon wave of new stress as the responsibility for the acquired items grows. That is why the Lost Legacy Scroll is so strong.

It can save a person a lifetime of fruitless racing around by helping him or her cast a “spell of zest” immediately.

That is the key to how to be more happy and energetic now.

The quality of life or spell of zest that the Lost Legacy Scroll speaks of is simply a matter of redirecting a person’s focus from hoarding things to enjoying everything.

Once an individual casts a spell of zest, it allows him or her to be at peace with slowing down the pace of his or her life. It provides freedom from the compulsions of competition between neighbors.

It also permits happiness today rather than after they lose 40 pounds, achieve a certain salary or get involved in a perfect romantic relationship.

Most importantly, a spell of zest warrants anyone to wake up each morning and greet the day with an authentic smile. To inhale the earth’s splendid sweetness.

And to stretch the length of joy within a moment as far as it can go. Now that’s how to be more happy and energetic.

The knowledge of the Lost Legacy Scroll has been passed onto you in complete confidence as a dedicated happiness seeker. The only downside is that your life’s path cannot be chosen or blamed on anyone else from this point on.

And lastly the responsibility of living consciously and discovering your own happiness and energy is now totally yours.

That’s ultimately how to be more happy and energetic while further tapping into our inborn power.

This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

How To Be More Happy And Energetic Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X