How To Be More Successful In Life Now

WARNING: These success methods are like nasty cough medicines.

You may not like them, but they work and they are for your own good.

So if you really want a more successful life starting right now pay close attention to the following ten guidelines.

Guideline #1: If Life Sucks

If life sucks, it’s our fault (I did say this was going to be like cough medicine). Our lives will only cease to stink when we begin to take full and absolute responsibility for our daily ups and downs.

We must stop blaming our job, our family, our town, our friends, the government, luck or the weather for everything that is not working in our lives.

Our success and failures will always begin and end with us individually. That’s the biggest guideline for learning how to be successful in life.

However, there are nine more…

Guideline #2: Kill The TV

Television is a personal tranquilizer which extracts our ambition. That’s why it needs to be killed. The average person spends between three to six hours a day watching television.

Too many of us stare blankly at empty talk shows, cheesy soap operas, overrun sitcoms, ridiculous reality shows, and cliché music video programs over and over again as if it will somehow make us successful and satisfied individuals.

Then those same people will say they don’t have the time to do the things that will make them truly successful.

It somehow never occurs to them to kill their televisions, collect the saved time, and then apply it to their goals in life. It’s just crazy. It’s no wonder why so many people are unhappy with their lives.

Moreover, the three to six hours per day on average most people spend watching television doesn’t even factor in the unbelievable amount of time some individuals spend playing video games.

Simply put, if we kill or even drastically reduce the time we spend watching television or playing video games and reinvest it in something productive towards our life goals we’ll be much happier and satisfied individuals instantly.

Or we can do nothing and spend the rest of our lives complaining that we’re not as successful or happy as we want to be.

Guideline #3: Whittle Down The Planner

We all need to dump our overly complicated success blocking mega planner/organizer and replace it with something small.

Sometimes organizational tools such as planners or organizers can grow to humongous sizes and end up blocking productivity instead of aiding it. Planners and organizers need to save us time and energy.

We must not allow them to be outlets for recording everything that happens in our lives. That’s why we need to whittle down our planners and only record information that’s critical to our immediate success.

Using a small simple date book or electronic planner which has little boxes for each day to record times and titles of what we’re going to do is best.

This way we’ll always have a quick and concise view of what’s coming up without getting bogged down in needless details.

Overall, the smaller the planner the more effective it’s going to be. Period.

Guideline #4: Hang With The Best

It’s sad, but when we hang around or take advice from people who are sitting on the sidelines of life we’ll probably become a watcher instead of a doer as well.

As cheesy as it sounds people don’t end up flying with eagles when they spend their time hanging out with pigeons. Because more often than not an individual’s ambitions and motivations get lined up with the people they surround themselves with.

That’s how people who have meager ambitions and no desire for success end up dragging down those around them.

Instead of playing the game of life to win they spend their lives griping and whining until the people around them end up griping and whining as well.

That’s why we must stop hanging out with those kinds of people right now if we want to reach higher levels of success in life. It’s that simple.

Each of us must create an environment for ourselves which encourages and breeds success. If we surround ourselves with people who are winning, it is much more likely we will become a winner as well.

The opposite is also true. That’s why hanging out with the best people is so important.

Guideline #5: Money Matters

The first rule of becoming a successful millionaire is to not spend money like a millionaire. That’s why we must control our money and spending habits consciously.

People who don’t piss money away on everyday things have a much higher likelihood of holding onto their money in the long run.

The reason this is so important is because when we’re broke, we’re stuck. Money helps enable ambitions.

The more money we have around the more likely it is we’ll see our ambitions through to the next level.

Therein the lays the importance of not blowing our money on trendy crap, or status symbols, or anything else that’s not helping us reach the next level in our lives.

Overall; money equals options, so don’t reduced your options in life by throwing money around now.

Guideline #6: Read It All

Reading is hands down the most important factor for success in life. That’s why we must all dive into reading everything we can about the kind of success we’re seeking.

Nothing will influence our success more than a great book, inspiring article, imaginative poem, informative website, or even a blog. Successful people read about success.

So if we want to be successful too, we must read about success a lot. Reading leads directly to a better life. That’s just the way it goes.

Guideline #7: Super Fan Now

We all must start acting like our own super fans now. Because in reality if we’re not confident and cheering ourselves on there’s no reason for anyone else to do it.

Truly successful people believe in themselves so completely that it influences others to do the same. So if we’re shy about being unique, talented, or special; we’re doomed to mediocrity.

That’s why we need to show the world what we’re capable of doing and then cheer ourselves on to do it again.

Our overall success in life is based on positive attitude and maintaining a high level of confidence. And those things are much easier to accomplish when we have super fans; even if those super fans are us.

Guideline #8: Lead By Example

We must always lead by example and never jeopardize our karma or integrity. This is so incredibly important for success in life.

Even if we find a wallet on the street with some money inside; we must return it immediately. Because the money is not worth the loss of karma or integrity we’ll experience.

Even if no one else knows we kept the money, we’ll know we did. Then, how can we expect anything better from anyone else? That’s why when we lead by example success finds us eventually.

No one can outrun or trick karma. That’s why doing the right thing up front is always the best way to a smoother and more successful life no matter what.

Guideline #9: Find A Mentor

For ultimate success we all must find a mentor. A mentor is someone who has done what we’re looking to do and can teach us from their experience so we don’t have to make the same mistakes they made.

Every successful person realizes they aren’t the first person to attempt to do great things. That’s why we all need to decide what we want to accomplish and then find someone who is already doing it successfully.

Then, we simply have to ask them if they can offer us some advice or guide us until we’re able to take off on your own. Successful people never start from scratch and hope to figure everything out for themselves along the way.

Instead, they find a mentor who will help them skip over all the people who are doing everything on their own.

Overall, having a mentor equals finding success more readily; while not having a mentor equals falling behind or even quitting completely.

Guideline #10: Do The Thing

We must never stop getting up in front of people and doing the thing that we’re great at. Because if we really want to be successful, it’s not going to happen behind closed doors.

We need to find an audience and show them exactly how awesome we are right now. We cannot sit around in constant analysis waiting to be better at what we do before we display our talents and ambitions.

Whether we’re into singing, dancing, painting, sculpting, teaching, cooking, marketing, website design, performing music, car repair, wood working, etc; we’ll learn more and become better when we do it in front of an audience.

No matter how good or prepared we think we are when we first get in front of an audience, we’ll discover that we have the ability to be twice as successful the second time.

Then, that sensation will build within us as we continually get up in front of people and do the thing. If we never stop we’ll only get better and more successful.

* Action Step *

Consider the above ‘How To Be More Successful In Life’ guidelines as a ten week course in serious achievement training.

You must start with method one and apply it to your life for one full week; then move onto number two and so on.

However, the trick is to take notes along the way to see which guidelines are affecting your success the most.

Then, after the ten weeks are up you need to review your notes and apply the strongest guidelines to your life on a full time basis right away.

That’s ultimately how to be more successful in life while further tapping into our inborn power.

This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

How To Be More Successful In Life Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X