How To Be Popular In College Starting Now

Let’s be honest here and talk about true popularity; not fake popularity and all the crap that goes with it like having to wear trendy clothes while looking down at people.

No, we’re talking about true popularity which comes from positive self-esteem.

In fact, a student’s positive self-esteem is so valuable that if it were for sale on the same shelf as a perfect diamond, the diamond would look like a dirty piece of shit.

Actually sitting next to positive self-esteem on a shelf would make the diamond look like a rent-a-toilet over filled with two day old pale urine waving back and forth over the seat. That rent a toilet would also be covered with globs of soggy soiled toilet paper, accompanied by the overwhelming stench of the stringy pinkish vomit covering the floor.

Lastly that rent a toilet diamond would have poorly aimed diarrhea dripping slowly down the back wall, over the seat, and onto the floor where it would come to rest in a warm pool of vile waste.

That is how valuable a student’s positive self-esteem is when it involves truly learning how to be popular in college. Now it’s time for the Five Point Student Self-Esteem Cycle:

The Five Point Student Self-Esteem Cycle:

Point #1: A student’s self-esteem is directly related to how well he/she fits into a group.

Point #2:  Being able to fit into a group is in direct relation to the opinion the student has of him/herself.

Point #3:  Students are able to form high opinions of themselves when other students hold them in high regard.

Point #4:  To be held in high regard, a student has to look and act like the people whom everyone else believes are hot or popular.

Point #5: To copy the cutting edge trends, students turn to major entertainment outlets such as TV, internet, movies, magazines, and music.

However, the problem with that is these outlets are based in hopeless fantasy and only generate negative student self-esteem which ends up producing fake popularity at best.

That’s the problem with popularity. It’s mostly inspired by the mainstream entertainment and advertising industries which create standards based in fantasy that we as students attempt to emulate and build popularity around.

The mainstream entertainment and advertising industries do this because it makes it easier to persuade us to spend money on improving our self-esteem by buying their advertised products.

Then, after we buy the products, the mainstream entertainment and advertising industries soon flip the entire situation by saying what was cool to buy yesterday isn’t cool anymore.

Then, they produce new ‘must-haves’ which of course will surely enhance our positive self-esteem even more than before, but of course it’s all a big con and the cycle continues on and on.

The trends, fashions, and styles that are created and marketed toward students are not meant to help us produce the positive self-esteem we need for true popularity.

Instead they are designed to make us feel inferior enough to buy into their continually changing ‘idea of cool’ which we than build popularity around. They strategically show us fantasy and make us think we can own it and be popular.

That’s why seeing through this big con is very important for building real positive self-esteem and learning how to be popular in college.

In reality boosting our positive self-esteem to obtain real popularity can’t be done by purchasing something. It needs to be done more genuinely. Emulating manufactured idols as seen on TV, or on the internet, will never generate true popularity in college.

Sure, it will help make some new casual friends, but that’s about all because it’s not based in anything authentic.

Boosting our positive self-esteem and overall popularity is about making honest impressions on others without having to wear certain clothing, recite cliche song lyrics, or blurt out overused movie catchphrases.

At its most stripped down true popularity in college is about students being happy with themselves as is and wearing it all proudly. Because that’s what attracts other like minded authentic people.

A great way to attract more authentic people while become more popular is to start visualizing positive outcomes for ourselves in social situations and then take action to materialize those outcomes.

Then, once those visualizations start materializing true popularity will follow. The key to materializing positive outcomes is to start very small.

It all begins by visualizing ourselves being an active and authentic participant in a group conversation with both students we know, and students we don’t.

Then, we need to physically put ourselves in that situation in reality and act the way we did in the visualization. It may seem a little intimidating at first.

However, even if we don’t succeed as well as we would have liked in the social situation at first, it’s still proves we can materialize positive outcomes and that’s great for boosting self-esteem and eventually popularity.

Finally, after many positive outcomes in social situations are materialized we’ll be able to express ourselves fully and without hesitation or fear of rejection in any situation, thus creating lots of authentic popularity for ourselves.

In the end every student can learn how to be popular in college as soon as they stop trying to purchase it, and start building authentic social skills which will explode their positive self-esteem and overall popularity.

Because only than will more authentic friends start coming around and taking notice.

That’s ultimately how to be popular in college while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

* Action Step *

Re-write the above ‘Five Point Student Self-Esteem Cycle’ below. You must write it word for word and recite it aloud three times.

You need to burn this cycle into your head in order to get the best understand of how popularity really works and how to start gaining more positive self-esteem immediately.

How To Be Popular In College Starting Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X