How To Be Successful In College Starting Now

Let’s start with a couple of quick questions specifically for you:

What are your views on having excellent grades, an awesome social life, cool friends, an amazing romantic relationship, and a great connection with your family?

Do you think you can have all of those things at once?

Or do you think those things are reserved for smarter, cooler, better looking, and more privileged students?

Think about it for a minute….

After some thought a lot of students honestly believe those things are meant for someone else. But they’re wrong. And the reason they’re wrong is because they’re suffering from what’s called mediocre consciousness.

Most students struggle with mediocre consciousness all the way through college and it costs them a massive amount of success.

However, the good news is once we realize we have at least a touch of mediocre consciousness we can start to combat it.

Then, our lives will surge with success soon after.

Now, let’s all sit back, relax, and take a few deep breaths. Let’s take a second to put ourselves in a calm place both physically and mentally while we allow whatever pressures we’re under to drift away.

Next, let’s visualize what our most successful college experience looks like.

How awesome is it? Exactly, what grades are you getting? What parties are you at? Who are you hanging out with? Who are you dating? How close are you with your family? What are you working on in your spare time?

Answer these questions honestly because they’re critical when learning how to be successful in college.

Continuing on, now visualize every answer to every question is actually your reality.

Doesn’t it feel great succeeding in all those areas at once?

How is your overall college outlook now?

Your classes don’t seem so stressful anymore, right? Your professors don’t seem so bad anymore either, do they? Meeting new friends and maintaining great connections with your family does not seem like an impossibility any longer, does it?

I bet there’s nothing but opportunity everywhere you look. Its got to feel amazing.

Now, what if that amazing feeling didn’t have to go away? What if we could carry it with us wherever we go?

Sure, at times we’ll all slip back into mediocre consciousness, but now we can reverse it by visualizing our most successful college experience and then start living into it.

All we need to do is go around thinking, talking, and acting like a student who is living their most successful college experience.

That’s the key. Because the more we think, talk, and act successful the less power mediocre consciousness will have over us.

Also, we need to stop hanging out with negative people who have no control over mediocre consciousness.

Instead we must begin surrounding ourselves with people who are successfully getting the results we want in college. It may seem unsettling at first to distance ourselves from certain people in our lives.

However, it’s essential for our overall college success to be around people who are excited about what’s ahead and take positive action towards it.

Even if the new people don’t seem cool at first, they will become very cool once their drive for becoming successful rubs off on us.

To get started, let’s spend a few minutes each day visualizing our most successful college experience and then start thinking, talking, and acting like it’s already ours.

Because after all, each of us, including you, is capable of having excellent grades, an awesome social life, cool friends, an amazing romantic relationship, and a great family connection.

All we have to do is visualize it, believe it, and start acting like we already have it. Then, it will all start showing up in reality.

That’s ultimately how to be successful in college while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

* Action Step *

Record the top five qualities that would make up your most successful college experience. Be very specific. This is critical for uncovering how to be successful in college.


Now, how would it feel if these five aspects were a reality for you? How excited would you be each day?

The answers to these questions are what you need to take with you each day so your most successful college experience becomes your reality. Do it.

How To Be Successful In College Starting Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X