How To Beat Someone Better Now (Speech)

First off, the better person or athlete never wins.

I know that sounds odd, but check this out: winning ultimately comes down to one critical thing.

It’s true that the better person or athlete never wins. It’s the person or athlete who plays better that day who always wins.

And that’s fundamentally how to beat someone better than you.

It never matters who “should win” or “who is better.” All that matters is who plays better that day.

The fastest track star doesn’t always win the race.

That’s how people who aren’t “supposed to win,” end up winning anyway. They simply play better that day.

That’s the reality of it. And we can outplay anyone we need to on our way to explosive success in life as well.

A good athlete who plays great will always beat a great athlete who plays good. And that carries over to us and our opponents in life as well.

So NEVER be intimidated by anyone no matter how good they may seem. In the end none of that matters. We CAN win regardless.

The better athlete is not the better athlete. The better athlete is the athlete that plays better that day.

Now go and be the athlete who plays better today (even if you’re not involved in sports).

That’s really how to tap into your inborn power and beat someone better you.

How To Beat Someone Better Now (Speech)
– Written by Motivational Joe X