How To Become Unlimited Now (Speech)

I have a couple of questions for you regarding your greatness, and they have to do with apple seeds.

QUESTION #1: Let’s say I give you an apple and a knife. If you cut the apple up would you be able to count the number of seeds within the apple?

ANSWER: This isn’t a trick question so the answer is YES. You can simply cut the apple up and count all the seeds. It’s just a task based on perseverance.

QUESTION #2: Now let’s say I cut open the apple and hand you one of the seeds. Can you count the amount of apples within that seed?

ANSWER: NO you can’t. You CAN always count the seeds within an apple but you can NEVER count the apples within a seed.

Now listen closely. The same concept regarding the apple and the seed also applies to YOU.

Anyone with knowledge of your life or the time to find it out will be able to count the ‘number of seeds in your apple.’

They will be able to count what you’ve done for a living, what kind of money you’ve earned, where you’ve lived, what schools you’ve attended, what cars you’ve owned, what kind of family you have, etc.

Those are the seeds of your life up until this point. That is your past.

However, no one can tell the amount of, “future apples within one of your seeds.”

That’s because your POTENTIAL IS UNLIMITED.

You have an unlimited amount of apples you can produce, yet you can block your own potential if you’re not paying attention.

If you’re not paying attention you can actually limit your unlimited potential by focusing on counting your seeds. Remember your seeds are your past.

It happens really easily when outside influences, including your own inner voice, tells you things such as; “I know what kind of money you’ve made and you’re not going to make much more,” “I know what schools you’ve gone to and they’re not going to get you very far,” I know what family you come from and no one in it does much,” “I know where you come from and no one gets much further.”

Those damaging assessments from yourself or others are completely based on the past. They’re based on your seeds which have been counted. They’re based on what was, not on what could be.

That’s why you have to FORGET THAT CRAP.

Don’t cap off your potential. It’s UNLIMITED.

Never mistake your past with your future.

Just because your seeds have been counted so far doesn’t mean they can be counted for the future too.

Don’t drive through life staring into the rear-view mirror or you’ll end up creating a lot of damage along the way.

No matter what your past is, that doesn’t mean it’s your future too.

The apples you can produce from the seeds you have are impossible to predict or measure. Your POTENTIAL IS UNLIMITED.

Your inborn power is sitting there waiting to be commanded.

How To Become Unlimited Now (Speech)
– Written by Motivational Joe X