How To Best Sell Yourself Starting Now

No matter what we do in life we must realize that we’re in SALES. Yes, like it or not we are all SALES PEOPLE.

We SELL people every day on our ideas, our character, and ourselves as a whole.

A job interview is really a SALES presentation.

A networking meeting is really a SALES presentation.

A first date is really a SALES presentation.

In all these cases and more, we’re SELLING ourselves. And the people who know how to SELL themselves the best are the ones who succeed the most in life.

Those people who SELL themselves the best all have one thing in common; they have properly developed their resilience muscles.

They know being successful at sales comes with a lot of rejection, and they need to be ready to bounce back INSTANTLY.

Here are the five rules used by the world’s best sales people to battle rejection and bounce back fast to close the sale in their favor.

Even the worst sales person in the world will get someone to buy from them eventually.No matter how bad a sales person thinks they are SOMEONE WILL buy from them sooner or later. It’s happens. It’s a fact.

Even the best sales person in the world will not be able to sell to everyone. SOME PEOPLE WILL NOT buy no matter what. The reason just doesn’t matter.That’s why megastar sales people get the most rejections because they know some people won’t buy not matter what they do so they just move on quickly when they’re rejected.

Rule #3: WHO CARES
This is what the world’s best sales people say to themselves when they are faced with rejection, WHO CARES.

They don’t take the rejection personally. They don’t turn a rejection into dejection. They simply move onto the next opportunity. Being rejected is not a big deal to the best sales people.

Rule #4: WHO’S NEXT
Even the world’s best sales people get rejected all the time, to which they say, WHO’S NEXT.

They know the next possibility for a sale is right around the corner so they don’t dwell on the last rejection.

Megastar sales people know the more people they tell, the more people they sell. So that’s what they do; they just continually tell more people about what they have to offer.

This is the trick that the world’s best sales people have mastered. They COLLECT ‘Nos’.

They do this because they know that the more no’s they receive the closer they are to the next YES.

They fight through the rejection. The stick with it. They don’t give in. They don’t give up. They sift through all the no’s to find the YES.

Yes, we too can start practicing how to best sell ourselves today. Because if we won’t sing our own praises and sell ourselves, why should anyone else. We can do it. Let’s start right now.

That’s ultimately how to best sell yourself while further tapping into your inborn power. This will bring you closer to living as the most complete version of yourself immediately.

How To Best Sell Yourself Starting Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X