How To Build A Dream Life Now (Speech)

My grandmother told me when I was about ten that I had the strength to build my dream life and it was both simple and cheap to do.

She said all I had to do to start building it was earn the building blocks from other people.

Then she said each ‘Thank You’ I heard directed at me was actually one building block towards my dream life.

She told me that I wouldn’t see the building blocks that each ‘Thank You’ earned, but they would slowly add up and one day my dream life would be a fully constructed reality.

I didn’t completely understand what she meant at the time, but I figured it out later.

After some years of holding doors open, giving up my place in line, picking up things that others had dropped, and so on, I finally figured out what she was teaching me.

Each ‘Thank You’ meant I was making someone’s life just a little bit better somehow, and the way to build my dream life was to help others as much and as often as I could.

When I was ten my dream life consisted of race cars, laser blasters, and all the comic books in the world; but thanks to my Grandmother my dream life evolved into simply tracking down the next ‘Thank You.’

How many building blocks to your dream life have you earned today?

The higher the number the more quickly we will begin living as the most complete version of ourselves.

How To Build A Dream Life Now (Speech)
– Written by Motivational Joe X