How To Build A Successful Mindset Now

There is no classroom, no book, no formal teacher, and no cost for how to build a successful mindset.

There’s just a single course we all need to pass called Success Mind 101, and it only has one test titled ‘Avoiding Neg-Funnels.’

As we start out we need to realize that we’re all automatically enrolled in the Success Mind 101 course.

However, most people end up fighting against their automatic enrollment by doing very little to generate success for themselves while consistently complaining about life’s circumstances.

Yet there are other people, like us, who do realize we’re enrolled and understand the importance of passing which is why we seek out avenues for bettering ourselves such as reading this right now.

Now that we know we’re enrolled in Success Mind 101 we must realize that a large part of passing it involves how we handle the burdens of our everyday responsibilities such as paying bills, maintaining our health, staying invested in our relationships, and balancing the pressures of work and family.

In fact, it’s those burdens of everyday responsibilities that cause a lot of people to drop out of Success Mind 101 altogether. That is not something we can allow to happen if we truly want to learn how to build a successful mindset.

The reason we cannot let our everyday responsibilities effect us so negatively is because there are only two grades for the Success Mind 101 course – pass or fail. That’s it. It’s very simple.

There is a strategy that will help each of us breeze through to a passing grade. That strategy is we can either use the burdens of our everyday responsibilities to create positive energy, or we can whimper about how life is “too hard” or “unfair” while inevitability failing Success Mind 101 and living out a disappointing life.

That’s where the Neg-Funnels come into play. Individuals who fail Success Mind 101 are the ones who get sucked into negativity funnels, or Neg-Funnels, due to how they handle the burdens of their everyday responsibilities.

A Neg-Funnel occurs when someone gets aggravated about a situation or responsibility in their life. Then they allow that one situation or responsibility to suck all the other areas of their life down into the Neg-Funnel as well.

At that point it gets progressively more difficult to reverse the funnel as more and more situations and responsibilities get sucked in. Soon the overall Neg-Funnel becomes a way of living.

Next, when an individual is living within a Neg-Funnel they begin searching for other aspects of life to gripe or complain about to no end.

In a very short amount of time the original situation or responsibility of aggravation can spawn into a vicious disgust for nearly everything in life. Jobs, bosses, cars, clothes, friends, money, taxes, government, rent, mortgage, neighbors, insurance, and nearly everything else surrounding the individual will have a negative target on it due to the Neg-Funnel.

Finally, when the Neg-Funnel nears its peak, a lot of people simply give up on their ability and desire for success completely. That’s when they officially fail the Success Mind 101 course.

The most difficult thing about Neg-Funnels is that they are stealthily fast and radically dangerous. They can suck us in even if we’re doing well in Success Mind 101 by having our everyday life situations and responsibilities under positive control.

A Neg-Funnel is so covert and fast that we don’t even have to directly experience a negative situation ourselves to be sucked down into a funnel.

All it takes sometimes to be sucked into a Neg-Funnel is an upset roommate, close friend, significant other, or family member who is caught deep within their own Neg-Funnel and begins spewing their negativity right on top of us.

That could be all it takes to ruin our shot of passing Success Mind 101.

At that point it’s very easy to understand how we could be sucked into a Neg-Funnel of our own after listening to someone we care about continuously complaining about every problematic situation or responsibility in their life.

However, to pass Success Mind 101 we must take control and not let ourselves be turned from positive to negative by other people or outside circumstances like a switch on the wall.

That’s why Neg-Funnel awareness is the key to how to build a successful mindset and pass Success Mind 101.

Lastly, what all great Success Mind 101 students knows is that very often in life they will be hit straight in the face with a big smelly glob of negativity.

Then, instead of getting aggravated or upset by it; they know to wipe it off, take a deep breath, and smile to themselves while walking away saying, “I’m one of the strong few who’s going to pass Success Mind 101.”

That’s ultimately how to build a successful mindset while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

* Action Step *

Which aspect of your life do you have the most negative feeling towards?

Which of your friends is the most negative to be around?

Who would most describe you as a negative person?

Keep a close eye on your answers these questions. These are the three highest risk factors of you failing Success Mind 101 and missing out on how to create a successful mindset.

Remember you cannot change a situation; however you can choose to not have a negative outlook. Negative outlooks only make things harder on you, not on anyone else. Be positive and avoid those Neg-Funnels whenever they occur.

How To Build A Successful Mindset Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X