How To Build Lasting Success Now (Speech)

I know a lot of people don’t like to admit that success has rules.

They want to believe that if they break all the rules and search around enough that they will find success along the way, or that someday success will appear out of nowhere.

Nah, I’m sorry. That just doesn’t happen. Success only occurs when you bend all the other rules in life but you strictly adhere to these five.

These are the hard and fast rules in life that will absolutely lead you to lasting success whatever your goals may be. This is what real successful people already know. Now it’s your turn.

Rule #1: K – A = 0 (Knowledge minus Action equals Nothing). For success it’s completely worthless to know what to do, but not do what you know.

Rule #2: Successful people go ALL OUT while regular people HOLD BACK, and they do it ALL THE TIME. There’s no days off when working towards success.

Rule #3: It’s always better to be fully INTO it and lose then it is to just be IN it and win, because that pattern won’t last long. Successful people are the ones who are INTO it.

Rule #4: Successful people get fascinated, not frustrated, by setbacks, obstacles, and difficulties. Problems need to be treated as possibilities, not disasters.

Rule #5: The most successful people in the world know how to ACT. They ACT as how they want to become until they become the way they act.

They ACT AS IF they are excited until they become excited.

They ACT AS IF they are dedicated until they become dedicated.

They ACT AS IF they are successful until they become successful.

That’s how we all can start on the path to commanding our inborn power.

How To Build Lasting Success Now (Speech)
– Written by Motivational Joe X