How To Combat Our Maddening World (Poem)

The madness of today’s world is that:

We’re connected more, but we’re unified less.

And we’re more mobile, but we’re less active.

We’re fed more, but we’re nourished less.

And we’re more informed, but we’re less knowledgeable.

We’re consuming more, but we’re satisfied less.

And we’re more worked, but we’re less fulfilled.

We’re spending more; but we’re giving less.

And we’re more available, but we’re less open.

We build bigger, but we feel smaller.

And we’re more protected, but we’re less safe.

We learn much, but we change little.

And we care more, but we act seldom.

We grow families, but we shrink communities.

And we open our hearts, but we close our arms.

We have more intentions, but we have less patience.

And we get up earlier, but we have less time.

We have more education, more experts, and more information.

But we have less understanding, less leaders, and less common sense.

We have more treatments, more drugs, and more specialists.

But we have less health, less vigor, and less wellness.

We go too fast, get too mad, drink too much, and live too stressed.

While we’re excessively sedentary, completely tense, full of toxins, and dead tired.

We have tons of things, but not enough treasures.

We speak too much, listen to little, and communicate too rarely.

We’ve added to our longevity, but not to our life.

We’re quick to raise a fist, but slow to extend a hand.

We can rocket to the stars, but we can’t welcome a neighbor.

We pollute the world, but we protect the oil.

We wage war, but we hope for peace.

We raise children, but expect adults.

We’re plugged in, but we’re not turned on.

We rape the land, pave it over, build a store, open it up, close it down and then let it rot.

We have more prisons than colleges, more sick than healthy, and more debt than savings.

We live in pretend, wear social masks, and take more pictures of ourselves than anything else.

We set profit over progress, privilege ahead of character, and mine before yours.

We advocate faster food, bigger homes, and deeper pockets.

While at the same time crushing farms, splitting custody, and poisoning souls.

Now it’s time to stop the madness, cut the cord, and put down the phone.

It’s time to smell the roses, walk with the dog, and play with the cat.

It’s time to ditch the quantity, praise the quality, and nurture what’s next.

It’s time to meet your neighbors, donate some time, and help out a friend.

It’s time to eat better, exercise more, and take a day off.

It’s time to hold someone’s hand, say how you feel, and be thankful.

It’s time unload your stuff, hang out in nature, and follow your dreams.

It’s time to open your heart, give more than you get, and love like you’re dying.

It’s time to hug your dad, kiss your mom, and take your grandparents out for ice cream if you’re lucky enough to have any.

Overall and without exception before another day passes; it’s time to free yourself from the bullshit and get back to the basics.

MORAL OF THE POEM: We must actively combat the madness of the world if we want to tap into our inborn power.

That’s why each of us needs to turn everything in our lives OFF; so we can then get turned ON and begin living as the most complete version of ourselves.

How To Combat Our Maddening World (Poem)
– Written by Motivational Joe X