How To Control Panic Attacks Starting Now

Here are ten steps for how to control panic attacks. Be warned, these steps are not meant to stop an individual panic attack.

These 10 steps are helpful in taking the edge off our next attack while cumulatively aiding the prevention of future attacks.

Step #1:
As the attack begins repeat the following to yourself out loud five times slowly,
“This is just an amplified reaction to normal bodily stress.”

Step #2:
Remember that none of your prior panic attacks have killed you.

That’s because they are not dangerous unless you do something that makes them dangerous such as running around or hyperventilating.

The attacks themselves are just unpleasant. If you don’t make them worse nothing really bad will happen.

Step #3:
Don’t fuel the panic attack with scary thoughts about what’s happening, what it means, or where it could lead. Yes, the attacks are unpleasant, but that’s all they need to be.

Step #4:
Stop and analyze what is going on with your body during the attack. Feel what’s really happening and not what your fear is guiding you to imagine.

Step #5:
Pause and allow the panic to pass through you. Don’t try and battle it or outrun it. Accept the panic and let it run its unpleasant course.

Step #6:
Take note of the instant you stop fueling the attack with scary thoughts, because that is the instant the attack begins to dissolve. Grab hold of that instant. That is where your strength lays.

Step #7:
Once you realize the attack won’t kill you and that’s only unpleasant the rest is just practicing how to manager and command the fear without running from it. Then, after time there will be less and less attacks overall.

Step #8:
Once you start using these steps each attack will bring progress. That means no matter how little progress you’ve made since your last attack the next one will be easier to manager due to the progress you have made.

That means your worst attack is already behind you.

Step #9:
Panic attacks pass. They all do. It’s just a matter of how bad you make them on yourself. So when your next attack passes sit still and take inventory on exactly what happened.

Then make a physical note of how you can improve for next time.

Step #10:
Panic attacks basically mean you’re not making the needed changes in your life.

Even if those changes just need to be made in your mindset or your outlook; they must be made or the attacks will continue to come back. That’s why you must get to the bottom of what needs to be changed and why.

That is the only way to completely free yourself from the attacks. Start talking it out with a close friend or better yet a counselor today and soon you’ll be saying goodbye to panic attacks forever.

That’s ultimately how to control panic attacks while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

How To Control Panic Attacks Starting Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X