How To Do Great In College Starting Now

This is a partial transcript of an interview I did a while back for my book, ‘College Success Code’.

They titled the interview, ‘How To Do Great In College.’ It went like this…

Interviewer: Why did you decide to write your book titled ‘College Success Code,’ and will it really help students are who looking to discover how to do great in college?

Motivational Joe: I’m wrote the book because college students today are more complicated than ever been in the history of higher education. The overall college experience is now going through a period of rapid evolution.

Today’s students are stuck in between the old antiquated ideals of yesterday, and the technological frontiers of tomorrow. It’s this push and pull phenomenon that’s causing higher levels of friction than ever before between today’s students and their professors, teachers, parents, and school counselors.

The feedback I received during my research for the book showed that students are growing increasingly frustrated with their advisement figures when it pertains to their college experience.

Students say, “School today is a completely different universe than it was just 15 years ago. My parents and professors have no clue what I go through every day.”

Of course, it’s true that students are always going to feel that their parents and professors are out of the loop and have no idea what’s really going on. That’s natural for every generation.

However, in the case of today’s awesomely fast paced and technologically advanced college world the students aren’t far off when saying the  experience is a “different universe” compared to just a decade or so ago.

Students tell me that they often feel as if they’re on an island by themselves without a lifeline to credible, real world help. So, that’s what I’ve attempted to do with my book.

I want to give each student a lifeline so they don’t feel isolated on an island by themselves. Basically, I want to provide the voice I never heard when I was isolated on my own island which nearly destroyed my college aspirations.

That’s why I wrote the book, and that’s why it will help students go great in college; and beyond.

Interviewer: In one paragraph, what is your ‘College Success Code’ book about and how will it directly instruct students to do great in college?

Motivational Joe: My book comes from the place that exists inside every student who simply wants more out their college experience. Honestly, students are extremely bored today.

Today’s students have been sitting at relatively the same desks, in basically the same classrooms, in more or less the same educational structure since the age of five; but now the world has changed and the old ways don’t work as well anymore.

My aim is to provide students with a new way to learn about life through the college topics all students face everyday. Ultimately, that’s what my book is about and that’s how it will instruct students to do great in college.

Interviewer: Why do you think today’s students will relate to your book?

Motivational Joe: Students will relate to my book because I’m one of them. I know what topics severely affect students and I discuss them with shocking candor, which is something student’s don’t usually encounter.

I also present the information in my book from the viewpoint of someone whose name has been on The Dean’s List, The Academic Probation List, The Campus Singles Classifieds, and the Girl’s Locker Room Wall. I’ve never been a special, privileged, or naturally successful student.

Yet, I’ve found a way to make myself a success. That’s something students can relate to.

Let’s face it. If a student is reading this right now; I was guy behind you in line trying to get into the overcrowded party last week.

I was the guy you walked past in the hall before the last big exam cramming away the final seconds.

I was also the guy you saw who got a ticket for parking in a restricted spot so I wouldn’t be late for class.

However, I’m also the guy you noticed who was successfully juggling every aspect of college while having blast doing it.

In the end that’s why students will relate to me and my book. It’s flat out honest; and student’s respect honestly.

Interviewer: What is the central theme of your book?

Motivational Joe: The central theme of my book is to instruct, empower, and encourage students to get the most out of their college experience.

I promote excellence both inside and outside the classroom by cracking what I call the ‘success code.’ However, cracking the ‘success code’ is not as easy as just reading it from my book.

Cracking the ‘success code’ means each student must develop a focused, powerful, and positive attitude and direct it towards every situation on their path to doing great in college.

It’s also means every student will learn to rise above their fears by creating new successful habits which I map out specifically.

Interviewer: Please explain the ‘Action Steps’ which follow most of the chapters in your book.

Motivational Joe: My book isn’t just passive material to be read and quickly forgotten. That’s why most of the chapters include Action Steps so the reader to take the presented ideas and bring them into their lives specifically.

The Action Steps are what allows the material to drastically transform the direction of the reader’s life and overall college experience.

I implore every student to take the Action Steps very seriously when reading my book. Because after all, the deeper a reader elaborates on each Action Step; the results they receive will be stronger, faster, and overall better for doing great in college.

Interviewer: Excellent! Thank you for your time today Joe.

Motivational Joe: Thanks. I’d like to finish by telling each student that no matter where you are in your college experience it can get better. You can make it happen. You have what it takes. No excuses. No limits. Do it now. Defy expectation.

And get my book now. I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

How To Do Great In College Starting Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X