How To Drop Out Of College Correctly Now

Let’s start out by getting really deep here.

Someday, hopefully a long time from now at the end of our lives, all we’ll really have to hold onto are the things we’ve done, and the people who are around us.

Our families, our experiences, and our accomplishments will be what carries us through our final days.

With that said, college is an epic experience, and graduating is a monumental accomplishment to be able to carry throughout our lives and reflect upon during our last moments.

Yeah, that’s really hardcore stuff. I know. So, let’s pull it back a bit now. As we contemplate the idea of dropping out of school we need to remember that college doesn’t portray an accurate picture of what the world is actually like.

A lot of students get caught up in there own dramas and lose perspective on how privileged we all are to be attending college in the first place. Doing so doesn’t make us bad people, it’s just easy to loose perspective of the world when we’re in college.

Students just fall into the college bubble and lose track of other 99.99999999999999% of the people in the world. It happens. However, it’s not a good place to be making big decisions from like whether or not to drop out of college.

Check this out. Since the beginning of our schooling we have been told that all mankind is created equal; but that’s not really 100% factual. Actually, it’s not even close.

The majority of the world is either impoverished, oppressed, disadvantaged, challenged, or starving; and for them going to college is like a fairy tale. To them, college is a Disney type fantasy lived by some other people, somewhere else in the world. People like us.

Okay, I know this is all sounds a little heavy. I just want to make sure we all gain some perceptive while we’re deciding whether or not to drop out of college.

I need to do this because too many students get caught in the college bubble and complain about petty self-induced problems or gossip which build up over time and then become reasons for dropping out.

That’s why we all need to take a step back, get outside the college bubble; and put ourselves, our education, and the world in perceptive.

Now, while we’re outside the bubble let’s quickly examine how college is really a microcosm of life in general. Just like in life, the amount of growth and knowledge we leave college with is in direct relation to what we put into it.

So, if we’re at the point of dropping out, there’s a good chance we were never really in college to begin with. Yes, we may have gone to class and paid our tuition, but just about anybody can do that.

What we’ve really needed to do the whole time is make ourselves a college student first, and everything else second.

Most students who are deciding whether or not to drop out have had that backwards for a long time. They’ve had their priorities all messed up. It happens. It doesn’t make them bad people.

Now let’s be honest here. Graduating college is a great foundation for us to build the rest of our lives on. If we compromise that foundation now by dropping out, it’s going to be very hard to overcome.

Even if we do overcome it and end up becoming successful, we’ll never shake the feeling that if we had stayed in school, and made it our biggest priority, we could be twice as successful.

Overall, thinking about dropping out at times is understandable. College can be very overwhelming at times and graduation can seem like it’s decades away.

A good way to combat those feelings is by taking our minds off the entire scope of college and concentrate strictly on what is happening today. Let’s just focus on today for now.

Because if we’re thinking about dropping out we’ve probably dug a hole for ourselves which we’ll need to climb out of now. So, let’s not bother concerning ourselves with future classes, professors, and overall college stress.

Instead let’s focus on today only. Let’s attack today as if our entire college career depends on it. Let’s do the work today. See what tomorrow brings. And then do tomorrow’s work too.

Once we do that we won’t be so focused on dropping out anymore; and we’ll be living the College Turnaround Cycle.

That’s right, simply focusing on the work we need to do today, while resisting the urge to obsess about possible problems in the future is The College Turnaround Cycle.

That is the key to digging out of any hole’s we’ve got ourselves into and completely turning around our college experience.

Basically, the longer we repeat The College Turnaround cycle, the more energy we will gain for school. Then, the more energy we have for school, will make college seem progressively easier and begin to crush any thoughts we have of dropping out.

Therefore, the hardest day is the first because everything seems so immense and complicated, and we have no energy to back us up. That is why we must take our entire college career day by day, so we can build the needed energy to turn it around.

This is critical for unlocking how to drop out of college, or not.

Yes, college can seem enormous and intimidating, but it gets very small very fast once we start focusing just on today. We need to look at college as a stage for us to show everyone in our lives, including ourselves, exactly what we’re capable of.

True, college isn’t easy, but when it is over we’ll be glad for the difficulty. It’s just like how a butterfly needs the struggle of breaking through its cocoon to strengthen its wings so it can fly.

The same holds true for us as we fight through college and strengthen ourselves to be able to fly when our time comes. I know that sounds really cheesy, but damn it’s correct.

Finally, quitting things in life, and sticking with things in life; stays with us to influence future decisions. So, when we reach the end of our lives will we want to look back and remember how we quit and dropped out of college?

Or will we want to enjoy the memory of sticking with it and digging ourselves out of our college hole to become a college graduate? That’s the real decision here; and it’s up to each us individually to decide ourselves.

That’s ultimately how to drop out of college while tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

* Action Step *

List your three main reasons for potentially dropping out of college.


Now, bring this list to your student adviser, and then to your parents, and openly discuss your options with them.

If you are thinking of dropping out, you need to be honest with yourself and explore the reasons why with your student adviser, and your parents.

That’s the best way to really understand how to drop out of college.

How To Drop Out Of College Correctly Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X