How To Drop Weight Quickly And Safely Now

Carrying around extra weight? Tired of avoiding the mirror?

Let’s get right to the point; how we can all feel better and take more control over our fat?

Ready to finally learn how to drop weight quickly and safely??

Here’s the deal: losing weight is mainly based one single factor:

 The Total Number of Calories Consumed
The Total Number of Calories Burned

The core formula for losing weight is as follows:

Weight Loss = Calories Burnt – Calories Consumed

Sure, we can attempt to trick this formula with fad diets; however those schemes have almost no chance of working on a long term basis.

That’s probably why most people are reading this now and looking to discover how to lose weight quickly and safely.

What the above formula indicates is that in order to lose weight we have to increase the number of calories we burn and decrease the number of calories we consume.

For Example: When we burn 3,500 calories more than we consume, we lose one pound of pure fat. Most people do not have trouble knowing what to do when it comes to beating fat.

They do however have trouble doing what they know.

Now please keep in mind that our bodies require a certain number of calories (usually around 2,000 per day) to maintain itself and stay healthy. This means that we cannot burn more than that amount of calories in a given day.

This also reinforces the fact that in order to achieve a healthy and guaranteed weight loss, we have to have a balance between consuming and burning calories. That’s the age old key to how to drop weight quickly and safely.

Here are seven proven tips to start winning the battle against sluggish fat right now and how to drop weight quickly and safely. These tips will help to reduce the number of calories we consume without going hungry or becoming weak.

These tips will also increase the number of calories we burn during our exercises without making us tired or very sore. By using these seven proven tips in combination with some simple exercises, we will enable ourselves to do two things:

1. We will stop gaining weight.
2. We will then start losing weight.


If we drink soda regularly we must become very aware of exactly how many sodas we are drinking. If we reduce one soda can (12 oz. serving) per day from our diet we can lose, or not have to deal with, an additional 14.6 pounds over the course of a year.

That’s because all sodas (regular, not diet) are loaded with sugars. Each (12 oz.) soda has around 140 calories.

In a year, 365 sodas = 365 x 140 = 51,100 calories

Converting that into pounds gained:

51,100 / 3,500 = 14.6 pounds… with just one 12 oz. soda.

Don’t forget that the 14.6 pounds we are dealing with here only concerns 12 oz servings of soda, which is considered a “small” with today’s super-sized sodas of 16, 24, 32, and 44 ounces.

When we kill the soda we will significantly reduce fat from our lives. It’s that simple.

Plus we can replace it with water or flavored seltzer and begin to experience the
benefits of better hydration. At that point it’s a double win.


Drinking water daily is critical for effective weight loss. However, drinking water is the most commonly overlooked strategy in the war on weight loss.

No matter how much we do in an effort to lose weight; if we’re not drinking enough water we are not losing as much weight as possible. Period.

In the best case scenario we should drink 8 glasses of water a day. However, that can be very difficult to do. That is why I recommend at least drinking water with every meal to start.

Most people are shocked at how much they don’t miss sugary drinks while they eat at first. Then as time passes they become more comfortable drinking water and begin to opt for it in everyday non-meal situations as well.

The real benefit of drinking water as it pertains to losing weight is that it is ideal for flushing the burnt fat/calories out of our bodies.

Without drinking the right amount of water much of the fat we burn will stay in our bodies and in turn will cause us to not lose as much weight as we can.

Drinking water should be taken very seriously because it is one of the most proven fat loss tips in the world.

Simply drinking it in addition to everything else we do to lose weight will dramatically affect our health and overall attitude in a positive way.

Some people ask, “How can I lose the water weight I have if I drink tons of water?” Well, the answer to that is simple.

When we drink less water, our bodies begin storing the water we do drink for emergency purposes; just like camels do when they roam the desert and do not have access to water for many days at a time.

Conversely, when we start drinking more water on a regular basis our bodies get out of emergency mode and releases the excess water.

This excess water release could result in a loss of up to 5 pounds or more, quickly.


Although eating vegetables with every meal is preferable, it can be difficult at times.

That’s why I recommend we make the following two mealtime trades as often as possible. They are:

• Trade French fries or any other fried side dish at mealtime for any cooked vegetable with very little butter or salt.

• Trade potato chips or any other salty snack for raw vegetables with a very little amount of low-fat dip or dressing.

In addition to adding vegetables to our meals, we need to also eat a small salad with very little dressing before our main dinner.

By doing this our appetite will reduce and we will not overeat during our main course.

Above all, vegetables are very low in calories and are also a good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber which will help keep us healthy along with assisting our overall lose weight.


Staying hungry and starving ourselves will only make us eat that much more when we do eventually sit down for a meal. The best way to go is to eat frequently (every four hours) in small portions.

Lots of people think skipping meals is a good way to lose weight. However, that is a big misconception in how to drop weight quickly and safely. Skipping meals affects our metabolism and will actually slow down our overall weight loss.

It’s better to start our day by making breakfast our biggest and healthiest meal of the day.

Then continue by eating a small lunch with a slightly bigger dinner. Finally, we all need to use protein  shakes in rotation with veggies and salads for best results in fending off hunger and the gorging that follows.


This may be hard to handle when uncovering how to drop weight quickly and safely.

Because, we all know fast food is convenient, tasty, and cost effective; but it also makes us fat and unhealthy every single time we eat it.

Okay, fast food is a reality that makes us fat. No big mystery there. So let’s get comfortable with some terms to minimize the disastrous effects of fast food on our bodies when we occasionally find ourselves at the drive thru.

Those terms are: “No Mayo,” “No Cheese,” “No Soda,” “No Fries,” “No Dessert.”

Some people ask how much of a difference these phrases really make. Well, as an example, when we say “No Mayo” for our chicken sandwich, we are saving around 30 grams of fat, or about 270 calories per sandwich.

Now if we are a regular chicken sandwich eater, saying “No Mayo” for every sandwich we order for a year could translate into approximately 20 less pounds we have to deal with and burn off.

Basically, if we cannot avoid eating fast foods on occasion we can avoid all the fatty fast extras that are thrown on the meals. These are the little things that help greatly when learning how to drop weight quickly and safely.


* One 12 oz. can of beer has around 140 calories

* One 4 oz. glass of wine has between 80 and 200 calories

* One 1 oz shot of whiskey has between 65 to 85 calories

Skipping just one 12 ounce can of beer on a daily average can save us over 14 pounds of extra weight to deal with a year. That’s because alcohol is highly concentrated in calories with almost no nutritional value.

So it is very simple; if we want to lose weight we need to drink less alcohol. It’s 100% true for unlocking how to drop weight quickly and safely.


With all the fad diets out there, it may seem like there are easy and sacrifice-free ways to beat the fat. Sadly, losing weight will always be as simple as burning more calories than we take in.

The diet shakes, pills, and programs are dangerous to our health and they most often only win an occasional battle in the overall war to lose weight.

Don’t be sucked in by their hype and their easy solutions to a healthier life. They’re all lies.

Now it is time to start burning some calories. Go visit a local gym, fitness center, health office, or Doctor so they can recommend a nutrition program and exercise regimen.

That’s ultimately how to drop weight quickly and safely while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

How To Drop Weight Quickly And Safely Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X