How To Excel In College Starting Now

Let’s start by looking at the big picture.

A few years after graduation all the formal dances, parties, and events we attended throughout college will get jumbled together in our memory just like the fun times from high school.

The main thing we will completely remember is that we had the time of our lives in college because we recognized that being a Kick-Ass student was the only way to go.

What is a Kick-Ass student? A Kick-Ass student is someone who hits all aspects of college as hard as possible to ensure they get the most out of their experience.

A Kick-Ass student tears up academics by day and hits the social scene by night.  Kick-Ass students never say, “I’m tired,” “It hurts,” or “I didn’t finish it.”

Kick-Ass students may not have the best cars, clothes or social status, but they have something that everyone wants; respect. And that kind of respect is only granted when we decide to be Kick-Ass students and truly master how to excel in college.

Everyone on campus is forced to respect Kick-Ass students because they do it all without making excuses. Kick-Ass students realize there is no point in making excuses, because excuses never lead to good grades, hot dates, or incredible college moments.

That’s why Kick-Ass students always seem to be at the best places at the best times; because they don’t make excuses which end up holding them back.

Because in the end a student who makes less excuses, ends up doing more things, and when they do more things they get more done.

That’s how being a Kick-Ass student works and it’s the key to learning how to excel in college.

The main idea behind being a Kick-Ass student is that when someone is in motion, they have a better chance of staying in motion than someone who is sitting still.

That is the universal law for all Kick-Ass students. We each have the choice to accept this law and fully experience college on a Kick-Ass level, or we can ignore it and sit on our asses making excuses while our college years pass us by. It choice is ours.

Be warned that anyone who chooses to be a Kick-Ass student will need to end all complaining, blaming, or excuse making. There’s just no time for stuff like that in the world of Kick-Ass students.

Because basically everything we accomplish, or do not accomplish in college, is completely up to us. That’s what we all must understand if we’re to become Kick-Ass students and really discover how to excel in college.

Before we finish-up it’s important to address exactly who can become a Kick-Ass student. The answer is, everyone. Yes, absolutely everyone has the same opportunity to become a Kick-Ass student and excel in college.

The students who are willing to give up their excuses and dive head first into their college experience will do the best and excel the quickest.

The students who continually complain about things being “too much, too late, or too hard,” will not do well and will end up missing a lot of what college has to offer. After all being a Kick-Ass student is not about rules or formulas.

It’s about being open to all of the opportunities college has to offer and actively taking advantage of them everyday.

Lastly, we have the introductory question for all would be Kick-Ass students: Imagine your prior weekend went as follows. You had an awesome time at a party on Saturday night.

Then, you felt tired and completely beat on Sunday morning; but you had to go to work for a few hours and then do a short paper for class on Monday. Did you:

A) Skip work, go back to sleep for a while, and then do the paper that night?

B) Skip work, sleep all day, and not do the paper at all?

C) Go to work, do the paper, and then go to directly sleep?

D) Go to work, do the paper, and then hang out with some friends to wrap up the weekend?

Answer: If you want to be a true Kick-Ass student, you not only answered (D), but you cannot wait to do it all over again next weekend. To a Kick-Ass student, it is not about separating social and academic activities; it is about finding a way to incorporate everything while enjoying the process.

That’s ultimately how to excel in college while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

* Action Step *

Record two activities you have been putting off in the following two areas of your life.

Then describe how you are going to incorporate each of them into your schedule this week. Remember, Kick-Ass students find a way to get it all done and have a good time doing it.

Social Life Activity #1:
Social Life Activity #2:

Academic Life Activity #1:
Academic Life Activity #2:

How To Excel In College Starting Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X