How To Fight Addiction In College Now

Addiction sucks. There’s no other way to put it.

Now, with that said we also need to address our role in opening the door for the addiction to take hold. That typically occurs when we allow our minds to get stuck focusing on negative memories from the past.

Then, the more we let our minds obsess about negative memories the more we allow the addiction to sink in and begin killing us from the inside out.

That’s why no matter how bad an addiction gets, we must constantly remind ourselves that our past does not control our present unless we let it. Each new day is a chance to start living without the negativity of yesterday directly affecting the choices we make today.

Basically, it all comes down to choices. This is the start of how to fight addiction in college.

However, when a student is fighting addiction it can be such a strong force that our ability to make regular everyday choices without the addiction’s influence is lost. At that point we need to go back in our memory and find the original choice we made to give the addiction control.

That would be the first time we experimented with whatever we’re addicted to. Where were we? Who were we with? How long ago was it? We need to locate that moment in our lives and make that vision as clear as possible. We’ll call that the Original Moment.

Fully embracing that Original Moment of weakness takes a lot of courage and an enormous amount of responsibility, but when we’re in the grips of addiction we have to come to the understanding that, at one point, we opened the door and let the addiction in.

Once we understand that we aren’t victims, and that we are where we are within the grips of addiction because of our choices, that is when they can honestly start fighting our way back to complete control. That’s when we really start unlocking how to fight addiction in college.

It doesn’t matter exactly what we’re addicted to, the same basic characteristics apply. The problem isn’t with the drinking, gambling, cigarettes or drugs. The problem is with the emotional attachment we have towards it based on negative memories from our past.

Sadly, some students try and play the victim by directly attacking the addiction as if it alone were fully responsible for everything. However, the truth is even if that approach seems to work for a while, it’s usually not permanent because the real issue wasn’t addressed.

Then, before long they will fall back into their addiction, or they will find a new one to substitute.

That is why none of us will really start winning the battle against addiction until we hit rock bottom and take full responsibility for our actions. Rock bottom is when we physically get to the point at which we realize the addiction has taken us over completely.

When that happens all the hope, empathy, and self-respect that we have left is replaced with desperation, complete selfishness, and shame. When we hit rock bottom and we cannot deny it any longer, that’s when we can really start fighting back to beat our addiction for good.

We must all be warned that the fight back from rock bottom is fraught with pain and temptation. Even though at this point we know the dangers and consequences of our addiction, the hold it has over us will still be very hard to break.

That’s why practically every college has hotlines, programs, and support groups to help addicted students and to show us that we’re not alone. Along with that, most schools offer psychological counseling, which can provide us with professional one-on-one attention.

In addition, not only do colleges offer assistance to addicted or troubled students, but the cost of those services is usually covered in our tuition. It’s already been paid for, all we have to do is show up.

However, all the college services in the world will not help a student who doesn’t want to be helped. When the time comes for anyone to seriously fight addiction, it’s they themselves who need to take the first step for help.

Taking that step isn’t always easy to do, but that one quick act of taking responsibility is the cornerstone of how to fight addiction in college.

Then, once that step to getting help is taken, a support system will arise out of seemingly nowhere. That’s why it’s always okay to ask for help. Because when we go to the right places and admit we’ve fallen, someone will be there to help us back up.

That’s ultimately how to fight addiction in college while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

* Action Step *

List three items that you are either currently addicted to, or you can see yourself possibility becoming addicted to sometime in the future.

3 Addictions:

Now, record the reasons you believe you are, or could become, addicted to these three items listed above. What needs do they fulfill in you? Why do you feel better after you drink caffeine or smoke cigarettes, etc?

Explore those needs a little and see what you find with the knowledge that almost everyone is addicted to something.

It doesn’t mean you’re weak or less of a person when you identify your addictions or possible addictions. It actually means you’re stronger than most people who just deny their addictions altogether.

3 Reasons:

This step will basically show you what addictions to look out for along with some solid reasons why. And remember that no matter what addiction you may end up struggling with in your lifetime, you are not alone and help is just one choice away.

How To Fight Addiction In College Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X