How To Find Love In College Starting Now

College is a time of great passion and boundless expectations when we as students experience many exciting things for the first time.

It is during this exuberance that some of us become more in touch with our deeper emotions and search for someone to share them with. That is when we look to access an imaginary building called Love Hall.

However, there are a few steps we must go through to enter Love Hall correctly. Firstly, the preliminary step is to write a three page paper on our definition of love.

Then, we must immediately burn the finished paper as a symbol of our definition of love simply being our own opinion at this point in our lives.

The reason we need to do this is because we must put our own definition of love aside now and start focusing instead on how love genuinely works.

Now as we stand before Love Hall in hopes of entering we need to understand how love genuinely works by completely the following two steps involving the foundations of inward and outward love.

Entering Love Hall

Step #1: Inward – Discover Self Love

During college, the word “love” is thrown around a lot. Most students fall in and out of love on a regular basis without ever taking the time to understand what they are giving and receiving and how it genuinely works.

Most students simply mistake lust, obsession, and infatuation for love because they are so excited. It’s an understandable occurrence.

However, it’s also why so many students experience pain and disappointment shortly after believing they are in love; because they find out the hard way they were not genuinely in love to begin with.

That’s why before we go looking for love we need to understand that before we can genuinely give love to someone, we must first obtain it for ourselves.

To do so we need to develop what is called self-love, because after all how can we give and receive something we do not possess for ourselves?

Therefore, to be able to enter Love Hall and genuinely experience true love, we need first become acutely aware and develop self-love for the distinctive qualities that make us unique. These qualities can be range from:

• Talents (athletic, scholastic, musical, technical, artistic, etc.)

• Personality Traits (funny, caring, organized, adventurous, spontaneous, etc.)

• Dreams and Ambitions (personal, professional, global, etc.)

Finding and genuinely loving aspects of ourselves is what prepares us to be able to truly enter Love Hall and give love to someone else.

However, the main aspects of ourselves that won’t help us enter Love Hall are our personal appearance and possessions.

Because in Love Hall vanity and materialism are not valued. That’s why those qualities will not help us to genuinely experience love on any level.

I know all of this sounds sappy and overly sentimental, but it makes sense. If we don’t actively love ourselves first, how can we genuinely give love to someone else?

That question is key to learning how to find love in college. Otherwise all we’ll get are lust, obsession, or infatuation. That’s the foundation of genuinely experiencing inward love.

The engraving above the entrance to Love Hall reads:
“You Must Love Yourself First.”

Step #2: Outward – Focus On The Connection

The second step to enter Love Hall is by learning to find the natural beauty in all people and all forms of nature.

This is accomplished by focusing our attention on any living thing until its natural innocence and delicate existence are physically exposed through the emergence of a faint energy field surrounding it.

The point of this is that all genuine love comes from energy, and energy is everywhere when we learn to focus on it. This too may sound sappy and overly sentimental but it’s mandatory for discovering how to find love in college.

This energy field that emanates from all living things works much the same way as magnets attracting each other.

Magnets, exchange energy between each other through an invisible connection, the same is true for us exchanging energy with all other living organisms.

That’s why when attempting to enter Love Hall we must learn to focus on transmitting love to everyone and everything around us through the invisible connection we all share.

In the end we’re all connected by energy so expressing love through that connection is the foundation of genuinely experiencing outward love.

The plaque on the main door of Love Hall reads:
“Love Follows Between Us All.”

* Action Step *

List three qualities that you really love about yourself. What do you bring to the world that makes it a better place?

Quality #1)
Quality #2)
Quality #3)

List three people and three forms of nature you feel a special connect with. What individuals and other living things do you experience the invisible energy connection all living share the most.

Person #1)
Person #2)
Person #3)

Form Of Nature #1)
Form Of Nature #2)
Form Of Nature #3)

Finally describe what love means to you right now. Go into detail on the specifics of how it feels when you experience love.

What are the differences and similarities between the love you have for yourself, your parents, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your best friend, a special place in nature, animals, and hobbies?

Think about love as you never have before, and write down what comes to your mind.

The end result will eventually show that there is only one love and that is the genuine love we all share. Welcome into Love Hall.

That’s ultimately how to find love in college while further tapping into your inborn power. This will bring you closer to living as the most complete version of yourself immediately.

How To Find Love In College Right Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X