How To Get Credits In College Starting Now

Yes indeed, accumulating credits as we progress through class after class on our way towards graduation is the fundamental principal of college.

However, accumulating credits as fast as possible may seem like the most advantageous thing to do, but that’s not always the case.

The reason for that is there are other critical aspects of college which we must not miss because we’re obsessively accumulating as many credits as fast as possible.

Now with that said, let’s start the rest of this article with a hypothetical conversation between an excited freshman student who’s ready to accumulate as many credits as quickly as possible, and an experienced recent graduate who’s enjoyed everything college has to offer.

Here we go…

Recent Graduate: Hey, how’s your year looking?

Freshman Student: Awesome. I’m taking 21 credits this semester.

Recent Graduate: Yeah? What for?

Freshman Student: Ahh, so I can graduate. Duh.

Recent Graduate: Okay, then what are you going to do?

Freshman Student: Well, I’ll either get a great job or start a killer business, travel for a while, have a family, and become wildly successful and filthy rich.

Recent Graduate: Okay, then what?

Freshman Student: Seriously? I’ll either sell the business or retire early and be set for life.

Recent Graduate: Okay, then what?

Freshman Student: I guess that’s it.

Recent Graduate: Well, that’s basically my plan too.

Freshman Student: So how many credits did you take each semester?

Recent Graduate: Less than 21, for sure.

Freshman Student: Really? Why didn’t you take more?

Recent Graduate: I wanted to experience everything college had to offer. Sure, I could have piled on the credits each semester, but that doesn’t leave much time to really get involved in anything else around campus. So, I decided to go for the full college experience rather than rushing to graduate.

Freshman Student: Ummm, yeah I really won’t have much time for anything outside of my classes this semester. And come to think of it, I’m in no real hurry to retire either.

Recent Graduate: In that case, why are you taking 21 credits?

Freshman Student: I don’t know.

Now that we’ve outlined the ‘Recent Grad, Freshman Student’ conversation we need to address the main reason why some students make the choice to take huge amounts of credits each semester.

That main season is because many students feel pressure to keep-up, or catch-up, with what society believes is a proper time frame for graduating college.

Sadly, a lot of students believe that graduating in five years, or more, is in some way wrong and that it diminishes their education. That is false.

It’s actually counter productive for succeeding in class and fully experience college, because it shortens the overall time we have to do everything.

That’s why there are 3 main things to remember when learning how to get credits in college. Those 3 main things are:

1) Our professors are going to treat us the same way and give us the same work load whether we are taking 21 credits a semester or just three.

That’s why we’ll most likely get better results in each class when we space them out over time.

2) The more credits we take each semester will directly cut into our ability to have a college part-time job.

3) Taking a lot of credits each semester for four years will probably get us a college degree to symbolize our academic achievements.

However, we will most likely miss out on most of the non-academic achievements college offers. Thus, we will not have enjoyed a full college experience.

* Action Step *

Please answer the following two questions regarding how to get credits in college:

Question 1:
Does college offer benefits outside of class and academics?

Question 2:
What’s the best way to get credits while also enjoying everything college has to offer?

What this comes down to is that there’s nothing wrong with taking 12-15 credits a semester while enjoying college’s other benefits and having a more well rounded experience.

That doesn’t make you a bad student, and it doesn’t mean you’re falling behind. Because if need be you can always take summer or winter classes to add credits to your overall year.

Now, thinking about this topic in the terms of life in general. Do you think success in education, and success in life, should be about constant progression, or a series of progressions and reflections?

To elaborate on this question, ask yourself; “What is the point of climbing a mountain if I’m are not going to look over my shoulder at the view from time to time?” Think about that.

As students, we climb and climb and climb the college mountain until the day we reach the top. That’s graduation day.

So, then the question becomes, “If I never stop to enjoy my daily climb by admiring the landscape and interacting with the other climbers; how much value is there in the achievement when I get to the top?

In the end, the last thing you want to do is race to graduation just to discover you’ve been racing with blinders on the entire time.

At that point there is no starting over. Instead, focus on fully experiencing college now by taking a reasonable amount of credits each semester while also getting involved in interesting campus activities. You got this.

That’s ultimately how to get credits in college while further tapping into your inborn power. This will bring you closer to living as the most complete version of yourself immediately.

How To Get Credits In College Starting Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X