How To Get In The Parade Now (Speech)

I used to love collecting autographs. I would go to conventions and gobble them up left and right. Then I would come home, frame the autographs, and hang them on my wall.

However, after a while I made the observation that I while I was busy collecting autographs from other people I wasn’t doing much to make my autograph worth collecting.

That’s when I made a big life change and adopted the following philosophy about the three kinds of people in life.

1st Kind Of People: Those who are in the parade.

2nd Kind Of People: Those who are watching the parade.

3rd Kind Of People: Those who are wondering, “What parade?”

Once I figured this out I vowed that I was going to be among the 1st Kind Of People who are in the parade and that’s when I started doing something about it.

Now I ask – which kind of person are you? I bet since you’re reading this right now you know there’s a parade and you’re not among the 3rd Kind Of People.

So are you a spectator or a participant in the parade of life?

In other words are you a thermometer or a thermostat?

“Thermometers” just read the temperature. They only react.

“Thermostats” set the temperature. They create. They take ACTION.

That’s why you want to be one of the 1st Kind Of People.

You want to be in the parade. You want to be a THERMOSTAT.

Don’t let your life pass by while you’re watching from the curb. Get in there. Mix it up. Get dirty. Make some mistakes. Let it all hang out.

Whatever you do, make sure you get IN THE PARADE of life.

Be someone who DOES. Not someone who DOESN’T.

That’s exactly how to begin living as the most complete version of yourself.

Remember, it’s better to give away your own autograph one time than it is to collect hundreds of autographs from other people.

We must never forget that as we aim to one day command our inborn power.

How To Get In The Parade Now (Speech)
– Written by Motivational Joe X