How To Get Obsessive Success Now (Speech)

Let’s get right to the point here: you’re not the average everyday kind of person. You’re special. You look deeper. That’s why you’re here.

There’s something special inside you. You’ve felt it.

It’s like a spark, a flame, a force that you want to control and direct and unleash towards your goals and dreams in life.

You have the drive to achieve. You don’t want to be like most everyone else.

You want to be better; you want to be GREAT.

You want to GO ALL OUT in life and use up every last drop of your potential.

That’s serious stuff. That’s hardcore thinking. That’s OBSESSIVE.

But that’s OKAY. Obsession gets a bad rap. The truth is no one really gets to be great at anything in life without an obsession. Obsession is what creates greatness.

I know that sounds odd or that it’s against the grain, but it’s true. That’s why you need to fuel your obsession. That’s the difference between regular self-improvement and radical self-improvement.

Who do you think is going to lose more weight: the person who is just dieting, or the person who is obsessively dieting? Of course the person who’s dieting obsessively is going to get more radical results.

It’s also true that there is a downside to being obsessive which is that other parts of your life will take a temporary hit because of your obsession.

The hit usually shows up in your health, your hobbies, your relationships, and your finances.

That’s what’s called the COST, and no one has ever become truly great at something without paying the COST. That’s just how greatness is made.

That’s what lays ahead for you. However you could skip it all and just settle for a good life,  but why settle for good when GREATNESS IS POSSIBLE?

But you already asked yourself that, didn’t you?

That’s why you’re reading this to begin with.

So are you ready to get OBSESSED? Does that scare you a little?

GOOD. It’s supposed to.

Face the fear and determine what you want to be great at now. As of today you have permission. Do it and start living as the most complete version of yourself.

Go ahead and make it happen; OBSESSIVELY.

How To Get Obsessive Success Now (Speech)
– Written by Motivational Joe X