How To Handle A College Part Time Job Now

Let’s face it, if most employers could hire robots they would, but since they can’t they believe college students are the next best thing.

That’s why when it comes time for us to get jobs in college we find ourselves in a very difficult situation.

On one hand, we need a part-time job to pay some bills and afford to partake in social college activities. On the other hand, having a job in college will cut into and directly interfere with our social college activities.

That is where the college student’s endless struggle between making money and having fun begins. It’s also the core of discovering how to handle a college part-time job.

One of the best aspects of college life is that each student has the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities that are all designed specifically for college students.

However, the majority of these activities cost money. Now, I realize that money is a big issue for most people; however there’s always time to make money later on.

Yet, there is no time later on where we can experience college activities after the window of our college years has closed; no matter how much money we obtain.

That is why we must treat every college activity as if it were a limited-time offer. This is the fundamental mindset for uncovering how to handle a college part time job.

Early on most students want to believe that getting a college job will not interfere with their social college activities.

However, this soon proves to be a misconception which drives students to make important choices between working and fully experiencing college and all the activities it offers.

Then, as students are being forced to choose between work and college activities something happens.

It’s called the Big Revelation; and it’s the exact moment when we truly realize that we will be missing out on things we want to do in favor of having to work for the next 40+ years of our lives. It’s a crappy revelation, but it happens to us all.

Then, shortly after having the Big Revelation, most students ask themselves, “Why am I in a hurry to start missing out on things just to make a few bucks?”

Now, I know some of us need to pay for car insurance, gas, and repairs, cell phone bills, or maybe we need to pay part of our tuition costs. Those are all legitimate reasons to have a college part-time job.

However, not one of them is a good enough reason to work straight through our college years and miss out on the majority of activities which make college special.

Because again, once college is over, it’s over and so are all the activities we wanted to do but never did.

That’s why our college activities need to take precedent over our part-time jobs. It’s not always easy to do, but we need to make it happen, or we’ll be stuck trying to recreate what we’ve missed sometime later. And that never really works out.

So, for those of us who have college part-time jobs as a necessity; here is the most effective way to make sure we miss as few college activities as possible.

First, we need  to work very hard on the days when there are no college activities planned.

By working hard on those days, we should make a good impression on our boss, which will make it easier to schedule our part-time job around future college activities.

However, if our boss is difficult and will not let us off work for the next college activity, we need to calmly explain the situation to them in a cooperative manner and offer to work more on a different date.

Then, we must politely ask again if our work schedule can be rearrange allowing us to participate in the college activity.

Finally, if our boss is still uncooperative and says we will be fired if we do not come into work on the day of the college activity, we have a decision to make. Skip work, or not skip work. Or maybe call out sick. This decision isn’t easy.

At this point some students simply flip a coin and let fate decide it for them. Then, if they want to flip the coin more than once, they already know their decision and just have to act on it.

Lastly, when we skip work, or call out sick, so we can enjoy a college activity and our boss fires us, it’s not the end of the world. Most college part-time college jobs are easily obtained.

Also, we can attempt to get our job back by apologizing to our former boss and explaining the situation to them again. This often works out well because they need to hire someone anyway, and they know we do work hard.

However, if they refuse the apology and reject the rehiring idea, just move on. The next college part-time job we get will probably be better anyway.

The reality in most cases is that in five years we will not be looking back and reminiscing about how much we miss our nearly minimum wage college part-time job.

Instead, we will be remembering the great times we had attending our college activities. That’s really how to handle a college part time job.

Finally, sometimes a boss at a part-time job will give students, ‘The Lecture,’ when we request time off to enjoy a college activity.

‘The Lecture,’ is something we need to be aware of, and fully prepared for, when it happens. So, with that said, here’s a quick rundown of how to handle ‘The Lecture.’

The Lecture occurs when our stale boss who is probably bored to tears with their career, sits us down and tells us where we should be and what we should do when it applies to missing work in favor of college activities.

Our boss will point a finger at us  and say it’s our duty and responsibility to be at work.

However, most college part-time job bosses only want to get through another workday without any reminders that they cannot skip work, or leave their job, as easily as we can.

That’s why we must never let our college part-time job boss intimidate us. Also, in a few years, however many college part-time job bosses we had, will most likely be quickly fading into distant memories.

That’s why we must always remember to have our college activities take precedent over our part-time jobs. Because every college activity is a limited-time offer; and college part-time jobs aren’t.

In the end, part-time jobs, money, college activities, and producing life-long memories  simply don’t go together very well.

That’s why it’s up to us individually to decide for ourselves exactly how much of each we are willing to sacrifice for the other. I believe students need to favor enjoying college experiences over worrying about money and part-time jobs.

Sure, money is important, but experiencing as much of college as possible is more important. We can always find a new part-time job to make some money, but we can’t recreate a college activity once we miss it.

That’s ultimately how to handle a college part time job while tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately

* Action Step *

List the three basic needs you have for the money you’re making at your college part-time job.


Now ask yourself if these needs are worth missing college activities that are only available to you during this short period of your life.

This will help you understand the balance between your college part-time job and your college activities. It’s the key to how to handle a college part time job.

How To Handle A College Part Time Job Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X